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 Post subject: Grand Theft Auto V
PostPosted: Tue May 05, 2015 7:45 pm 

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Well lets start talking about this GTA V game we all heard about (I guess)It came out on pcs not so long ago. Share your thoughts and opinions. Its damn loud about this game for long time. The reviews were pretty good but reviews are reviews and gamers opinions are other stuff :D I'll do it first

I'm not good posting my thoughts about games. I dunno what to talk about...
So suprisingly I'm not a fan of this game. There are nice characters and some badasses. Game looks great, gameplay is good and sound is fantastic. Just game plot is made so interesting you just dive to it and not coming back (i did not hear a thing called real life). What can i say more? Go to your Tank, ride to nearby city like a boss, don't care about car drivers they'll pretend they didn't see anything, park GENTLY nearby game shop, open doors and then roll to the counter with your wallet and buy the game! Oh and rememeber to look badass just in case.

I think that's all from me. Now its your turn

"So pray to music build a shrine
Worship in these desperate times
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