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 Post subject: I Challenge Every User!
PostPosted: Thu Apr 06, 2017 8:31 am 

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Next Month, May, I declare a race for the Monthly User position.

As soon as the Monthly Users list ticks over, the race begins. It ends 30 days later on the 31st, just before it ticks over to June so I can record the results and post them here.

What rewards do you get?
So far, I can say none.
Maybe likwid or YngwieOfDoom can suggest something better but I cannot grant anything.
If you do this, good chance you'll end up with at least 500+ exp, which I guess is rewarding as that's enough to get you from rank 9 to rank 10 (Which means all you level 2s will get to on average, rank 8).

Call me by my name if you want (Ashley).

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 Post subject: Re: I Challenge Every User!
PostPosted: Thu Apr 06, 2017 7:00 pm 

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This idea sounds rather interessing.. It's so sad that i've already rated so many games, that i can't just rate any game nowadays. I really have to dig the site for games i have yet to share or rate. (whih gives you 20 exp each day for rating and 20 exp each day for sharing ( both max of 10times a day) If users on here are willing to take the challenge, i'll even put the preasure up by going in as well :P. Which in my case is alot harder since i don't just get to go to a game and rate it. I've rated so many games already, i have to dig the entire list first for not rated games yet! But you folks can easily play any game and rate any of them and share them without a probleem. If you guys also activily use the omment secion, it means you might be able to get 60-100 exp a day if other thumb up your comment! There won't be a real reward i guess, i think being able to be part of the comunity is a reward alone and when you're active, it'll really pay off. Anyone can get atleast 4-7 lvs if you're going to get the max exp avaiable each day! You might even be able to reach my level one day :P.




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