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 Post subject: My all time favourite movie - Spirit
PostPosted: Tue Jun 30, 2015 10:47 am 

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So this was a movie I watched all the time when I was little (Came out 2002, so I was 3 when I first saw it). I was 8 last I saw it.
So because of my half bros (twins) being 7, my mother decided to have an afternoon of everybody's favourite movies. We had no vote so my Mother just picked for us.

We had Pokemon 1, Ice Age, Labyrinth, Meet the Robinsons and my favourite movie: Spirit.

I HIGHLY recommend that if you haven't seen it to watch it. Still makes me cry like a little girl, and even though you may not get it, the nostalgia it had on me was amazing. The soundtrack is the best soundtrack for any movie or even game I have ever heard all songs with vocals performed by Bryan Adams so it is an easy Tenor for people to sing along to if they want. (I should mention I am my school's best Baritone vocalist in choir) so even on that note, a bass can sing along comfortably to the tenor.

Spirit is seriously a good movie, it is an animal movie but the animals don't talk unless you count Spirit's thoughts. The animals still convey many emotions and feelings to the viewers. Without spoiling too far into the movie I will type the start of the movie in the next paragraph, if you wish to find out for yourself, please go on to the paragraph after.

The movie starts with Spirit's mother giving birth to him, the following soundtrack piece shows off Spirit's behaviour and attitude nicely as a child until the song finishes with him as an adult. Spirit is shown to be very courageous and protective of his heard, fighting off a mountain lion or cougar (not American, sorry, can't tell the difference) after it tried to make lunch out of two foals. The following night he spots a light at the other end of a long field and runs over to inspect it. He comes across "tamed" horses that tell him to run (remember, no talking but the message is conveyed easily to the viewers). Spirit, ignored that out of curiosity about what the light was, he finds four or five "two-legs" sleeping, and starts to inspect their equipment (spurs, alcohol). After a few men wake up, Spirit gets startled and runs off, with the men in chase on their horses as Spirit was a beautiful horse of a gold coat compared to the grey coats of the other horses. Spirit quickly shows resourcefulness, including running up a dead end in a canyon and jumping over the men, while most would have been trapped. However a lucky man manages to get a lasso around Spirit's neck and pull him down to where all the men catch him. He is then taken away to a fort on the other side of America. This is the beginning of the movie, not the whole thing.

The movie itself has a great moral tied to it, but as this paragraph is spoiler free, I will not mention it. With beautiful soundtrack, a relatable character* (that's a horse), and a really captivating story it is impossible not to love this old piece of gold.

I am glad I had no vote, or I would have said something stupid, like "The Incredibles" or something. I am grateful my mother chose for me so I could watch it again.

I urge you to watch it, or watch it again.

*The character is relatable to me at least, I can elaborate if asked, but it is not relevant to the movie.


Call me by my name if you want (Ashley).

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