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BoJack Horseman
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Author:  Evil_Paragon [ Wed Jan 25, 2017 4:24 pm ]
Post subject:  BoJack Horseman

My friend recommended me this show and I thought it was stupid, something to get around to.
Then I actually watched it as I had run out of YouTube to watch. Boy that show is great!
One small thing to get you hooked is Will Arnett from Arrested Development. Then you see that it's basically Rick and Morty without the Morty, but instead of Sci-Fi Jokes, its jokes are about celebrities and animals, and instead of Sci-Fi premises, it's celebrity premises.
The show has a level of humour I haven't seen for a while.
But more interestingly, the show is actually something to think about. It has a story that progresses, unlike The Simpsons, it gets darker which is also something uncommon for cartoons, even adult cartoons. Rick and Morty may get a little dark at times, but BoJack takes the cake on them. He doesn't even want the cake, he just has it and he'll probably eat it because he has it.

A lot of Cartoons these days struggle to go anywhere with their plot and those that do end up being some of the greatest shows of our time. Futurama, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Rick and Morty, and now this show. Funny enough, a lot of those are sci-fi/fan.

BoJack is certainly something to check out, provided you are of the age requirement, or at least have a parent/guardian fully understand what the show is and evaluate its content appropriateness for you.

BoJack (the show) loves to present cliches to you on a platter and then smash them on the floor in front of you.
That is the best way I can describe it without spoiling it.

If you've seen the show or want to ask about the show, just start discussing below. The point of the forums is to converse amongst fellow users!

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