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What shows do you want to see?
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Author:  Evil_Paragon [ Wed Jan 25, 2017 4:28 pm ]
Post subject:  What shows do you want to see?

Spinoffs, Reboots, Continuations, what do you want?

(TV shows. If talking about continuations, please refrain from talking about shows currently on air. Don't worry, they'll come soon, but talking on here won't make it faster... well... talking about any of these won't make any of them faster, but it's still a cool topic.)

Author:  Evil_Paragon [ Wed Jan 25, 2017 4:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What shows do you want to see?

I really want another Avatar series. Last Airbender and Legend of Korra are great, but I need to see the next Earth Avatar deal with the 1930s-1960s world of submachine guns, atomic bombs and nuclear threat. Maybe even hints at communism, you know, considering how open LoK was to talking about politics in a way that made everything but democracy seem terrible. (I was happy to see an Oligarchy as the government in Season 1 and Season 2 took that away from me :().
It would be really interesting to see an Earthbender in such a metal reliant world. Metalbending is apparently possible for all Earthbenders, but for a many it is really hard to even learn. So maybe this is an Avatar who can master all the elements fairly easily, but just can't do the sub-bendings like blood, lightning, metal, lava, etc.

Powerpuff Girls needs a re-reboot. The old show promoted strong female characters who saved the day and kicked butt. But the new one is highly feminist, pretty much removes the entire male demographic from enjoying it, and there is much less fighting.
Come on! They're superheroes!
Maybe even Powerpuff Girls Z could get a reboot...

Futurama would be great continued. I think a good format for them could be episodes that can be watched in any order, about 11 minutes long. They wrapped the story up very nicely, I'd hate for them to touch it, so it would be cool if they still had the characters doing some cool stuff that didn't really matter that took place sometime before the ending. Could even be a show based entirely around deliveries to cooky planets and such rather than anything else like character development.

This one isn't so much any of the 3 types of things I mentioned above, so I'm breaking my own rules, but it would be cool for Pokemon to age Ash. Have him be the 15yo Trainer that travels around with two 10yos, like Brock did for what, 13 seasons?
They could have Ash be a main character still, this way they wouldn't have to reset his intelligence or Pikachu's ability (Like omg Ash, how can you forget how to catch a pokemon 5 times?). As they go through 8 years of two generations, they could have Ash escorting Protagonist A and B, then by 4 years has past, B is replaced with C. Like Ash, Brock and May, replaced with Ash, Brock and Dawn. A and B stay the same. Slowly, the lines go from an equal amount to Ash saying very little and Protag A being the main character. After 8 years, A could age and become the 15yo to another duo of 10s.
Finally, Ash can rest, return to Kanto, and become the champion. Who knows, maybe after Gen 6 gets a reboot, Gen 1 might get a second Reboot and Ash could make a return in that as the Champion who acts like Professor Oak or something being a bit dim witted and old but good.

X-Ray and Vav would be something I need continued. I wouldn't expect anyone here to understand but the voice actor for X-Ray said he was satisfied with the way Season 2 ended, despite it being a cliffhanger. It was like adult Powerpuff Girls + (Batman - serious) to mathematically define it.

Author:  Thing11th [ Thu Jan 26, 2017 2:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What shows do you want to see?

Breaking Bad is really the only show that I want to watch but haven't so far.

You talked about Rick and Morty, how is that? I haven't seen it yet, but I've heard of it

Author:  Evil_Paragon [ Thu Jan 26, 2017 3:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What shows do you want to see?

Both of those shows are pretty great.
As you're probably in Australia, it'll be hard to watch Breaking Bad because there's no on demand service for you to watch the first episode on. Piracy sites have all been blocked by the government recently (to not Australians, piracy is still illegal here, but everything here is about 3.5x more expensive, so I hope you can understand why most Australians pirate... well at least used to before the government finally blocked all the sites).
Netflix also blocks a lot of proxy servers because Foxtel threatened to sue them... I really hate Foxtel. Literally the only reason why my $9/month subscription doesn't have 3x as many shows as America.

So good luck on finding Breaking Bad, where I am it is almost never in DVD stores or (even Season 1) is a 3 night rental at absurd prices.

Rick & Morty however is amazing. Too make it more impactful, I had watched it a month after finishing Futurama so I was desperate for a sci-fi cartoon.
One thing I really like about Rick and Morty is the consistency. Things will happen in the show and the backgrounds will change. One time a part of the roof got destroyed so there was now planks covering the hole.
Roiland however is being pretty slack on Season 3 with no word of its release so that's pretty bad, but the show has a progressing story, great characters and cool themes. A lot of the episodes are based around sci-fi themes like pocket universes, the possibility of literally every universe out of infinity (which Morty uses to go on a fantasy adventure), time travel (well more of a time pause and start), and many more.
It's also not nerdy sci-fi, it's more... science demonstration sci-fi. Where science class is like Star Wars and Star Trek, Rick & Morty is like YouTube videos of slow motion, explosions, vacuum room drops. Nothing like that is in the show, but it's just saying they're not giving you science, they're giving you amazement.

Author:  gerry [ Tue Dec 12, 2017 7:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What shows do you want to see?

i like stand up

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