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 Post subject: Pokemon ABC
PostPosted: Fri May 03, 2013 5:48 pm 

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Well this forum game is on vizzd. and it got over 180 pages.. lol and its pretty fun. and easy.
i call out a pokemon and then you call out another pokemon. but in alalphabetic order.
also if you like you can give it a little more detail. instead of only the name.. try to give some tips about that pokemon and some back ground information or something.

Well okey lets start:
A is for armaldo. the rock-bug type pokemon

Armaldo is a pretty good offensive pokemon. with a little bit of defensive capabilities.
With a attack of 125, 100 defence, 70 special attack, 80 special defence, and 45 speed.
armaldo is great in attack. and has a bit of defence within his abilities.
His move pool is pretty nice ( moves learned while leveling)
a couple of moves:(from his black and white movepool)
Slash(lv 46), Rock Blast (lv 55), Crush Claw (lv 67) and x scissor (lv 73)
sorry this are actually all the moves he learns from the moment he evolved from anorith to armaldo lol.

his TM moves are also pretty good
moves like Hone Claws, Earthquake, Brick Break, Aerial Ace, Giga Impact, Stone Edge, Swords Dance,
pretty decent don't you think?. but breeding him gives even better moves
Egg moves:
Cross Poison, Iron Defense
these don't really look like they are good.. but cross poison is pretty strong! and iron defence can be pretty useful!
now black and white 2 give him a pretty move tutor to o.O
Aqua Tail, Iron Tail, Stealth Rock, Superpower
these are all attacks that are bassed on his attack stat. and they are all pretty ggood!

I could also give some stratagies etc.. but then this would be to long..
the next letter is B!
PS: don't feel neccecary to post a whole movepool or anything.. jut a little bit information.. not only the name.. because that is considered spam.
greetings, and have a nice day!, Yngwie

Ps: click! Image



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