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 Post subject: Roleplaying based on a Fantasy personality test
PostPosted: Tue Oct 28, 2014 10:57 am 

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So, the idea of this forum game is that you need to make a characher based on the personality test below.

You're going to do the following:
1: Thinking of a name and age( optional)
2: Thinking of a race
3: Thinking of a side ( Evil, neutral, or good)
4: what kind of weapon you use/ special power or magic.
5: Think about a back story or history
6: discripe how your characher would look ( Blue eyes, green hair, tall/short ETC
7: You have your limitations. You're NOT God. You could be a god-like But you cannot create live out of nothing. You can kill with special powers, or give back life. But only once. You are able to summon ( Create life) Out of material But not out of thin air. You're not immortal. Everything has a weakness. Werewolves, vampires, ghosts are automaticly weak to religion Unless your characher follows one as a Vampire/werewolf/or ghost. BUT you're Always weak against sunlight, Silver, and holy water.
Good luck people!
PS: I will make my characher soon. But i do not have the time right now.





 Post subject: Re: Roleplaying based on a Fantasy personality test
PostPosted: Sun Nov 02, 2014 12:10 pm 

Posts: 870
Thanked: 307 times
Okey, as promised, i'll start this off!
Name: eedu eṣuọlọrun (translated as neutral demon god)
Race: Tailed Demon
alliance: Neutral
Class: druid
Birth: 10BC
Lenght: 1,68m/5,5ft
Weight: 78kg/171,9 Lb
tail's wieght: 1200kg/2645Lb ( when muscles are used)
eyes: Spiral coloured
skin: mostly white. Red-black coloured tail
passive Abilities: extremely agile and fast. Great physical strenght and a powerful mind.
Special Abilities: The ability to create life out of nature resources ( Like trees), healing, mind control, summoning
Immortality: max aging: 35 years. After that it stops growing ow aging in general.
mortality: Kiss from a Angel, collepsing of nature

Eedu Eṣuọlọrun Was born 10 years before christus by an unexpected encounter by a Tailed demon, and a forest elf. Eedu was not born within a body, but the forest elf transformed into a tree, Eedu was born inside this tree. Although his body was completely taken from his father ( the tailed demon) He did obtain the normal skintune of his mother and also obtained her spirtal eyes. Which have the ability to see one's mind and soul. As a Tailed demon, Eedu was the only one that didn't age after living 35 years. This was due to the immortality of both his father, and his mothher. His father that was immortal, and her mother that was born from a tree and could not age. As a young boy, Eedu felt extremely close connected to nature. Thus making him grow up into the forest. As a child born from a tailed demon and a forest elf, Eedu was gifted with a varity of unique Abilities. As the tailed beast is able to create shapes out of everything, and forest elfs can give life to forms such as a empty body, or a claydoll, Eedu was gifted with the Ability to shape nature and give it life, such as creating ents, or shape humans out of wood and give them life. However, humans created out of trees or wood had a average age between 18 and 25 years. So his ability was not perfect.
A male forest elf is gifted with a extremely agile body. And a tailed demon is gifted with extremely pyshical strenght, Eedu was gifted both. Making him almost invisible. However, the tail that supposed to be the superior part of the tailed demon, the tail of Eedu was too heavvy. He could not use it as a weapon. He was only able to lift it so far, as it would look like a feather light tail. But it was the complete oposite. He could crush a human body by simpely dropping his tail. As Eddu continued to live, his body started to stop growing and aging. As he knew his father was immortal, and his mother didn't age, he still couldn't understand why he was gifted with such redious ability.
After 500 years, he started to travel around the world, to see what was beyond the nature he lived in.
As he continued to walk out of his home, he suddenly stopped walking, and saw chaos in the world.. A side of Good and evil fighting each other for their own rights and their own wills.
What happend to the world, what is going to happen to the natural balance of our earth? How em I going to prevent this!?
As Eedu dropped on the ground, and screamed to God:"Why aren't you protecting YOUR world! And why do you let us suffer? Give us freedom give us peace, we can't live in chaos like these.". But God never answered his question.
To bo continued.

Well, this is a small sample of the story. As you see, i made a start of this story. As you people can write your own history, the "present" will be based on my sttory, There is Evil, there is good, and there is Neutral. Good luck!



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