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 Post subject: Pandemic 2 Review
PostPosted: Fri Sep 09, 2011 5:00 am 

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<><>Pandemic 2 REVIEW<><>

Link to play:

Pandemic 2 is a game which lets you make your own virus and infect human population to exterminate them all before they develop a cure to your disease.

The graphics are very plain and simple But the title menu's background and some icons there look very nice and detailed.Overall its graphics arent that good.But like people say "Graphics does not matter,Gameplay does".

The gameplay is highly great.Perfect for strategic players.Its difficulty might take you hours or days or weeks or even months to finish the game(Heh,I haven't even finished it either).The problem is that you will probably ragequit if you keep losing :P(I believe some people did).But if you want to find it easier play relaxed instead of realistic.Its style of gameplay can be into a slow time game if you want to do other things or into a fast rushed one if you really want to know what happens through the actions you have made in the game.

The music is well made.It fits to the game because of its "creepish" or "end-of-the-world" sound.But it could have some more horrifying sounds to satisfy us while playing it.

Its a nice strategic game.The gameplay is already great.but the game would be sooo much better if it only had better music choices and graphics

Thank you for reading :) This is my first flash game review and I hope all you guys liked it.I appreciate all feedback to make my game reviews better.


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 Post subject: Re: Pandemic 2 Review
PostPosted: Fri Sep 09, 2011 3:48 pm 

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Congrats akosibitoy for your first review! :D

I must say, you did very well. To express what I think of each review, I'llmake some +/- lists :3

+ Quick re-introduction of the game before the review starts
+ Game link at the beginning of the post provided
+ Appealing Layout!
+ Easy to understand and fair pointing system
+ Each paragraph providing much information

- Not always clean English, disturbing fluent read. Follow space rules for brackets and dots!
- Personal notes, out. We're not interested if you finished it or not. It's about the game.

You can say if the gameplay was fun and stuff, but you should also give a reasoning. Actually, you did that very well, but personal notes and/or comments are something you shouldn't put into reviews, especially not without reasonings.

All in all, a very good review. You shall be the one getting the very first RP!!!

P.S.: Resulting from that, you're leader of the RPs Highscore list now :P


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