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 Post subject: Megaminer Review
PostPosted: Sun Sep 11, 2011 12:35 pm 

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Requested by: Thing11th
Game by: Team Alistair Maunder
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Quicksmasher's Review to ::

- - - Overview - - -

Mine raw minerals and sell them for pure cash. Seems little bit easy to be real... But its not. Use your cash profit in order to upgrade your miner with better equipment in order to dig deeper and find rarer ores. Completing missions will grant you some extra money.

Digging - actually a pretty cool thing to do. If a dog finds something interesting, he goes digging. If an adventurer believes to know where the next Maya trasure is, he goes digging. If an Archeologist considers dinosaur bones right under his feet possible, he goes - you guess it - digging!

And if an upgradable super drillbot fights its way through dirt, dirt and even more dirt, just to find some glittering gems and precious metal, he's digging too. Oh, and remember: Upgradable super Drillbot. Cool thing.

- - - Gameplay - - -

Mega Miner is a compact, but addictive arcade game featuring a big upgrade & item system. Your Upgradable Super Drillbot is hell lot of fun to control as you can customize it in a little way, too. With the upgrades.

You control your little friend with arrow keys or WASD, interactions are made with the space bar (to enter the helpful overground buildings), sadly you can't navigate with the arrow keys through the menus, so you will have to use your mouse once in a while. Annoying when the rest of the gameplay is played without it.

You go underground for repeating trips, get some stuff to carry up to the overground, sell it, and for the money, you can achieve technical enhancements on your bot.

There is no day limit or score counter, dying is something that should actually never happen to you, there's no real story, no real end, you can play the way you wish. It's more a game to make time pass faster than something you can be proud of having won. But you sure can be proud of a well-adapted drillbot! Additionally, you'll find bonus missions ordering you to find special items and a few goals to reach - those missions provide some money, which you will need loads of to come to your well-adapted drillbot.

The game has a little but well-enough balanced and fun strategy part: You decide the way you want to upgrade your drillbot! You can focus on the capacity of your fuel so you don't get stuck without any power in absolutely nowhere (in such cases you have to pay rescue fees that can get really annoying), or you can sightly neglect it to have your money for more item space.

All in all, you can describe the gameplay as a mixture between Planet Noevo without aliens and Motherload without the nostalgia.

- - - Atmosphere - - -

The graphics & sounds of the game are so average, I'm not sure whether they even deserve an own paragraph. The underground consists of dirt, coal & co tiles, on the overground you find some boring looking buildings. Maybe not as boring as the endless underground, though. The sounds get repetitive. Nothing you would like to follow you all the time. It's disappointing for a 8-bit and nostalgia close atmosphere, but not too bad when rating the graphics generally.

All in all, the game is really nice and compact, so worth a play. However, it lacks a few things that would be typical and even traditional for this games genre.

Upgrading is sure fun, but upgrade lovers will miss things and will wonder, why they can't improve the drillbots drilling speed, or the tile viewing range. Maybe resized pixel art looks horribly and is disturbing, but for the first levels, the fog of darkness could get weakened and PLOP, a new upgrade tree would be available.

There is no track of how many trips were made, how many percent of the map were revealed. You find that kind of stuff in ALL games that belong to this genre. No stats you could be proud of are displayed.

With that being said, I've written down both the good and the bad aspects of the game. Let's go to the final rating now!

- - - Score Giving - - -

[G] Main Idea & Transfer 7 / 10
Creativity & Innovation 3 / 5

[G] General Style 5 / 10
Graphics & Animations 5 / 10
Music 3 / 7
Sounds 1 / 3

[G] Story 1 / 10
Presentation & envolvment 3 / 5

[G] Gameplay 19 / 25
Upgrades 6 / 8
Goal System 5 / 7

Medals +3

Altogether: 61 / 100; 6 / 10 | Solid and enjoyable, but not more

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