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 Post subject: RRC :: Rules & Notes
PostPosted: Mon Sep 05, 2011 3:53 pm 

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Hello and welcome to the Review Request and Beta Test Club Rules thread!

On the club, this thread aims to make it possible for hobby game reviewers to express the opinion they have about certain games.

My goals for this Club
1.) To offer flash game artists high quality feedback so they can constantly improve their work.
2.) To be a place where active forum posters can request reviews, become reviewers and write reviews.
3.) To let Forum Lurkers read all the Reviews / Beta Test Conclusions made so far by Hobby Game Reviewers

The Review Requesters
Every Likwidian ( user) is allowed to request a review! To get a flash game reviewed, write a forum post in this thread, titled *Review Request* for example, and please include a link to your review request, reviewers aren't robots.

Example Request:

Hellhound wrote:

Castaway 2 by likwid, play it here *click*

The Hobby Game Reviewers & Beta Testers
If you want to join the club and complete requests, simply post in the thread saying you'll join. Once you've joined, you can start reviewing stuff. I will link to all reviews made and keep lists showing many different and interesting stats. To submit a review, quote the review request, make another short link to the submission and start reviewing, please include everything in ONE forum post.

Example Review:

Gilamonster wrote:
Hellhound wrote:

Castaway 2 by likwid, play it here *click*

My Review to Castaway 2 *click*

(review body)


The Review Readers:
You can rate and comment reviews as well! Quote a review you want to comment on and express your thoughts.

Example Review Reader Comment:

Thundersnake wrote:
Gilamonster wrote:
Hellhound wrote:

Castaway 2 by likwid, play it here *click*

My Review to Castaway 2 *click*

(review body)


Very good review! I love how you pointed out that [...] that's why I've given you a Reviewer Point!

Pointing System
If you like a reviewers reviewing style, review his review! Quote his work, say why you like his review in a short forum post and thank him. For each thank, he will get one RP - Reviewer Point! With these points, we will make a list of all-time highscore favorites, monthly Reviewer Point leaders and more!

Final Thoughts & Notes

Review Requester Notes
1.) Post a direct link to the submission(s) you want reviewed and a short reason why you would like it to be reviewed.
2.) Make not too many review requests when there are not many reviewers active
3.) Do NOT request without posting a link, be kind, as mentioned, reviewers are not robots.
4.) Do NOT just say "Review everything" with low detail information given, such as "strategy games last month" / "best games added this week" / "worst games ever"
5.) Do NOT request reviews for the same submission more than once.
6.) Design your Review Requests in a way that Reviewers can get an overview pretty quickly.

Hobby Game Reviewers & Beta Tester Notes
1.) You still can request reviews.
2.) You stil can rate and mark reviews with thanks.
3.) You can NOT review submissions that are already reviewed.
4.) Design your Reviews in a way that Readers can get an overview of what you reviewed and which request you fulfilled pretty quickly.

Game Review Commentator Notes
1.) Read a review before you comment on it / thank the reviewer.
2.) Thank the reviewer for the correct forum post including the respective review you read.
2.) Don't base your review rating on the reviewers personality.

-> Back to the RRC thread


-> Castaway Island TD Discussion | -> Castaway 3 Fans Wishlist Thread

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 Post subject: Re: RRC :: Rules & Notes
PostPosted: Mon Sep 05, 2011 4:02 pm 
Site Admin

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I shall make a forum that is specific to game reviews. Let's move everything over there and create a separate post for each review so that it is easily found by users and search engines.

For this message the author likwid has received thanks from:
alex5678, Quicksmasher

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