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 Post subject: What's the most amount of mods you've ever played?
PostPosted: Mon Dec 12, 2016 4:50 am 

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I have a fairly reliable computer. It does a good job of running intense games and such.
Now, I've played games with lots of mods.
Coming in third:
Minecraft 1.4.7 with 66 mods. I had Mo' Creatures, Tropicraft, SHIMC and so many more.
Minecraft 1.6.4 with 116 mods. Pretty much the same mods as last time, plus things like Thaumcraft and machine mods.

But both of those are nothing compared to first place.

337 mods.

So I got Skyrim roughly June 4th or 11th. Previously I had only had it on the Xbox so no mods. Then I got it on the PC and I went mod crazy. I installed as many mods as would fit until I hit the 255 limit, then I installed a third party program onto my computer which allowed me to combine mods together as Skyrim reads in Plugin numbers, not Mod numbers. So I racked that number up to 337, and it only seems to go higher.

My Skyrim does have a few issues.
All the guards have missing texture-purple armour which sucks but I have no idea which mod is causing it. It happened while I was playing Beyond Reach and I was there for 2 months and installed about 40 mods in that time and played with them. By the time I returned to Skyrim, it just seemed like it would be better to ignore guards. Stormcloaks looks fine though, it's just Whiterun and Riften that have this issue.
My game crashes 50/50 on entering a location, opening the map, and reopening the game after having it minimised. Just save before I do anything and it's all good.
One of the first mods I installed was one I regretted within a week. It promoted itself as skill tree improvement because it changed everything and added new perks but it really ruined it. I am not one to use active perks, I just don't like them. I play a Khajiit doesn't mean I use night eye, This mod has like, one branch of perks that go on in the background like making lockpicking easier, but then they have 3-4 other branches of skills that have to be activated like I don't know, I don't use them, they're not fun. I miss normal leveling but I am already at 49 and if I uninstall I would lose all the things and I would have to cheat in new points.

So what's the most amount of mods you've played?

Call me by my name if you want (Ashley).

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