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Plays: 5,595    Rating: 4.2    Favorites: 20

Manhattan Project

Lil’ Einstein have only 25 days to do his science project. He has setup the experiment in his garage... His experiment is to find out how much damage a single person can do, and does that single person will be able to purchase the ultimate weapon... The Atomic bomb!
The project rules are simple: The more destruction you make, the more chaos you create, the more money you take!

NOTE: The file size of this game is big (14MB), so the loading will be SLOWER than usual!


Use your Mouse to Play
Find a nice crowded spot. Click in that area and let your plane do its work.
If you do a lot of destruction in a short amount of time.. CHAOS ensuves! The longer it lasts, the more your money is multiplied.
After each day you can heal and upgrade your plane.
Skip the Day icon is placed in the Chaos Meter.

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