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    Created by Tamotsu

      March 2, 2013, 12:47 pm
    1. click on GLASS to obtain “sharp piece of glass”
    2. flush TOILET and quickly click on TOILET seat to obtain “chestnut”
    3. click on BED sheet to obtain “sheet” and click on BED to obtain “bell”
    4. combine “sheet” with “glass” to create a “knife”
    5. go to your right (click on poster above CORPSE to find further information)
    6. click right again
    7. talk with MAD HATTER (talk to him until you talk about you wish to escape and he will tell you the steps in order to escape with the key to the door)
    8. use “knife” on CORPSE and use “chestnut” on hole of CORPSE
    9. click toward the right where you see the BUG crawling slowly around…poke until the comment reads ‘this part of the stomach seems soft’…use “knife” on it and use it again to kill WORM…(you can’t get the key but MAD HATTER left your door unlocked as the magic chestnut wears off)
    10. click on the BLACK DOOR then click right into SECURITY ROOM
    11. (click on newspaper for further information of MAD HATTER every note he left for you remember the second letter of each word) march
    12. click on COMPUTER and type in ‘help’ and enter…type in ‘unlock’ and enter…type in ‘unlock march’
    13. click to the right to the SAFE and collect the “evidence”
    14. go to your right
    15. top button: head; middle button: chest; bottom button: hand (rooster head, heart, hand dropping coin)
    16. click on BLUE DOOR and click on button

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