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    Created by Tamotsu

      March 2, 2013, 2:59 pm
    1. click on “circles” containing BOXES, click on clear PLATFORM, click on “door to the truck” 2 times
    2. ram “truck in front” 3 times, shoot first “ninja”
    3. shoot “lock”, then click on TRUCK, click on “driver’s seat”, ram “truck in front”, click on “truck in front with chest”, click on CHEST
    4. click on POWER BOX on top left corner, shoot at “cart of hay”, click on “cart of hay”, click on “pipe to the right”, then click on ENTRANCE (click each pattern until everything aligns straight up), click on ENTRANCE again
    5. click on “rocks”, click on “box” 2 times, click on “lever” 3 times and enter 3rd HOLE once you back out
    6. collect “wheel” on the left and go back out
    7. click “box and lever” 3 times and go through 2nd HOLE
    8. click on “missing wheel” and go back
    9. click on “box and lever” 3 times and go through 1st HOLE
    10. climb LADDER, shoot at “water storage”, shoot at “ninja overlooking water storage”, shoot at “lever” on top, click on DOOR and GOLEM
    11. click on TRUCK and GOLEM
    12. click on “rocks” and TANK and GOLEM
    13. quickly click on “truck” then “helicopter”…click on GOLEM
    14. click on “nuts” closest to you, click on “nuts” farthest from you…click on LARGE GOLEM 2 times
    15. shoot at “circle holding rocks”, click on LEDGE above you, LEDGE across from you, and move “rocks”
    16. remember the combination on the GATE to the right (compass, one C and another opposite C crisscrossing, a thunder cloud to the right, circle separated by a horizontal line)
    17. click on “key” to the right and enter in combination, shoot at “skull” on top of GATE and enter gate
    18. click in the combination of letters (ninjakami)
    19. click on PEDSTAL

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