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    Created by Tamotsu

      March 23, 2013, 12:00 pm
    1. Collect “cleaning towel” on the left side on top of the rack and turn right or left
    2. Click on GREEN BUTTON on the right stall
    3. Collect “cleaner” on top of the toilet
    4. Remember the order of the colors of the stars on the wall (yellow, green, blue, red)
    5. Use “cleaner” on the grease on the mirror and then use “towel” on same spot (426)
    6. Go right or left again
    7. Click on KEYPAD next to the GATE and click in 426
    8. Go forward
    1. Go right once
    2. Click on the TAG on the bottom left corner next to the potted plant (Black Beard 1718)
    3. Click on the 2nd LOCKER from the left hand side and click in the numbers: 1718
    4. Click on the rectangle and collect “black key”
    5. Go right twice
    6. Click on CASHIER RESGISTER and click on the green button to collect the “silver key”
    7. Go right once
    8. Click on VENDING MACHINE and collect one “dime”
    9. Go right twice to the entrance of SPACE
    1. Use “black key” on lock and go forward
    2. Click on the left podium on the safe
    3. To unlock, notice the size and combination of planets from the SOLAR SYSTEM POSTER on the back wall (from biggest to small: 2, 1, 4, 3; max size involves 3 clicks)
    4. Open the safe and collect the “screwdriver”
    5. Go left or right and click on the middle podium: SATELLITE
    6. Notice on the bottom right corner of the SATELLITE is a “dime”, click on it
    7. Click on the left side pocket of the ASTRONAUT SUIT to obtain the “red gem”
    8. Go back to HALLWAY
    1. Go right three times to reach to the entrance of GOLD MINING
    2. Use the “silver key” on the lock and go forward
    1. Collect “lantern” on the right podium
    2. Go right or left and click on the left podium to obtain the “empty kettle”
    3. Go back to the HALLWAY
    1. Go left once and open the door of the SUPPLY ROOM
    2. Turn on “lantern” and put the “lantern” back in its box to empty your hand
    3. On the 3rd row from the top, second box from the left, click on it and collect the “dime”
    4. Click the CONTAINER on the left and use the “screwdriver” on the handle and collect the “purple key”
    5. Go back to HALLWAY
    1. Go right twice and use the 3 “dimes” on the NEWSPAPER STAND and obtain the “gold key”
    2. Go left three times and use “empty kettle” on the FOUNTAIN to get “kettle with water”
    3. Go left twice and use “gold key” to the entrance of ANCIENT EGYPT and go forward
    1. Click on the POT on the left podium and pour the “kettle with water” on it to find the next code
    2. These symbols are numbers (if needed for translation, the translation key is in the next room on the left podium; nevertheless the translation is 2,538) 2538
    3. Use 2538 on the combination SAFE on the right podium to collect the “yellow gem”
    4. Go back to the HALLWAY
    1. Go left once and use “purple key” on the lock of the entrance of DINOSAURS and go forward
    1. Go right or left once and click on the “ancient hammer” on the right podium
    2. Go back to the original room and click on the FOSSIL on the left podium
    3. Use “ancient hammer” on the crack of FOSSIL to obtain the “green gem”
    4. Go back to the HALLWAY
    1. Go right three times to the entrance of RESTROOMS
    2. Click on the POSTER on the left side of the entrance and use “ancient hammer” on the crack to obtain the “blue gem”
    3. Go to the RESTROOMS
    1. Remember the combinations of the colors of the gems earlier? If not, here is a recap: yellow, green, blue, red
    2. Click on the SAFE on the cart on the left side on the bottom row in the middle
    3. Use the “gems” you collected earlier and put it in the order by the colors and obtain the “blue key”
    4. Go back to the HALLWAY
    1. Go right three times to the ENTRANCE of the museum
    2. Use “blue key” on the door

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