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    Created by Jakethebaws

      May 4, 2013, 9:59 pm
    A few hints I found.

    Go to the thing under the clock (left from door).
    Click the button.
    Go to the clock. It Says 8:15.
    Go back to the door, click the carpet. the code is 815.
    Get that crowbar.
    Go to the place right from the door. Take the bottle on the table.
    Go back to the door.
    Click the plant twice.
    Notice the plant moved.
    Click the thing UNDER the plant (where the plant WAS)
    Use your crowbar on it.
    Click it.
    Go back to the door.
    Notice that water fountain thing beside the door, put your bottle in it.
    Credits: Jakethebaws (personuhpoizon in minecraft and :D)

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