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    Created by robertcool13

      May 7, 2013, 7:38 am
    - In the classroom:
    open the door, go forward
    take the dog (Santa’s little helper)
    enter the first door

    - In Skinner’s office:

    take the yellow paper in front of you (there is Moe’s phone number on it, you’ll need it later)
    take the glass cup at the top of the file cabinet
    leave the room
    enter the second door

    - In the music room:

    take the blue lighter on the piano
    take the triangle on the right side of the room
    leave the room
    enter the third room

    - In the store room:

    take the battery (a grey box on the floor on the left side)
    take the trolley
    take the glass cup behind the brown closet (it’s on the right side)
    take the poison on a shelf (a green bottle with a black skull and crossbones)
    leave the room

    - Kill Itchy&Scratchy:

    - now put the trolley on the floor
    combine the both glass cups with the poison and you get two deadly drinks (drag the poison to the glass cups)
    put the deadly drinks on the trolley
    click on the trolley and choose the hand
    go forward in the next room

    -room with itchy and scratchy:

    take the bomb
    enter the next room


    do it fast: when you enter the room choose the triangle and drag it on kang
    DON’T touch the uranium bar, you’ll take it later
    take the cellphone charger
    enter the next room

    - The cellphone:

    -take the cellphone in the left upper corner
    now go back to Skinner’s office (two times back and then the first upper door)
    drag the cellphone charger to the outlet in the left wall
    click on the cellphone, choose “grab” and drag it to the other end of the cable on the table
    wait 5 seconds
    grab the cellphone
    now go back where you found the cellphone
    enter the upper door


    click on the lighter and click “turn on”
    grab the lighter to the garbage can
    put the skateboard on the floor
    now click at the paper and remember the phone number (282930)
    click on the cellphone and choose “use”
    tap the number and click on the green button
    choose the third sentence (3. There’s a fire in the building!)
    grab the skateboard
    enter the right room

    - Moe’s tavern:

    take the puppet behind the counter
    go back two times until you’re in the room where you found the cellphone

    - The boys:

    - drag the skateboard to the floor
    combine the bomb with the replica of the evil puppet (drag the bomb to the puppet)
    put the Pigsaw bomb doll on the skateboard
    drag the lighter to the doll
    now enter the right room
    here is nothing, enter the upper door

    - Hugo:

    after the small talk you have 15 seconds, so do it fast:
    drag the dog (Santa’s little helper) to the floor on the left side of the room
    click on the little brocken cabinet
    click on the pink lamp
    click oin the shelf
    click on the the blue bowling ball
    to go back to the floor click on the lamp, the closet and on the red arrow
    click on the left rope holding Bart and then on the mounth (not on the hand)
    when Bart ist free, take the pair of pincers behind the brocken cabinet (you can see the top of them on the right side if the cabinet)
    leave the room

    - Uranium bar:

    -go back to the room with the alien
    drag the pair of pincers to the uranium bar
    go forward to the room with the boys
    enter the right door

    - Sideshow Bob:

    combine the pair of pincers with radioactive material with the battery (drag it to the battery)
    drag the battery full charged to the cable in the lower right corner
    enter the right room
    for the first time choose any answer, after choose the third answer (3. What a shame… to think I was going to a rock concert today)

    - get free:

    click on the knife before Bart’s feet and choose the hand
    drag the knife from your inventory to the rope holding Bart’s hands
    click on the cap and choose the hand to take it off
    now take a look at the lamps above the machine and remember the numbers written in them
    click on the key pad left to the door
    tap the numbers and click ok

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