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    Created by surajdatta

      December 28, 2015, 1:59 am
    All weapons:terminator
    Aborted Flight level:abor
    Red Morning level:redm
    Hunter Storm level:hunt
    Shift And Sift level:shif
    Killed By A God level:kill
    Light City level ligh
    Transaction level:tran
    Trap level :trap
    Let's Roll level:lets
    Last Run level:last

    Level 1 (Aborted Flight): Kill the person with the gray hair as he walks to the airplane.

    Level 2 (Red Morning): Kill the person who is sitting and after that kill the man who is running across the screen.

    Level 3 (Bad Time): Shoot either the window on the left or where the woman is standing. After that, kill the man who puts his head up in the right window.

    Level 4 (Hunter Storm): Kill the hidden girl in one of the small dark windows on the right side of the screen.

    Level 5 (Shift And Sift): Either complete the race or press 0 to skip it, then shoot the tires.

    Level 6 (Killed By A God): Shoot the man who will pass in the Lamborghini that appears from the top right.

    Level 7 (Light City): Shoot the lower left corner of the "" billboard to make the panel go down and block the light. Shoot the man before he enters the car.

    Level 8 (The Transaction): Shoot the weapons when they put them out (no one should die). After that, shoot the sniper on the rooftop.

    Level 9 (The Trap): Shoot the light at the top of the room. Then, shoot the gun or hand of the man.

    Level 10 (Lets Roll): Shoot the man on the motorcycle with the Desert Eagle. Quickly aim for his head.

    Level 11 (Last Run): Follow the arrow keys.

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