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    Created by Pietro195

      August 17, 2010, 7:23 am

    Tyrone is available all the time. He looks pretty much like the characters from Dad 'n Me, but in fact, I have no clue where he is from. Tyrone's stage is easier compared to Meatboy's stage, but it's somewhat longer I think (I'm gonna count the screens). You can recognize Tyrone's double-jump with a somersault.

    Everybody knows Meatboy. If you don't, don't mention it to ANYONE. You'll get killed. :D
    Meatboy is unlocked after you collect 4 coins at the Tyrone stage. Meatboy's stage also contains screens from Tyrone's stage, but some are a bit harder. You can recognize Meatboy's double-jump with a blood splat.


    There are six types of hazards in the game:
    - Holes: I'm sure you always avoid these. There is a point where you shouldn't, check the video for that.
    -Spikes: Stationary, typical hazards. You can stand on the outer edges of their platforms.
    -Spikeballs: These balls are spiked and always rotate. They can be either stationary or moving.
    Spikeblocks: These blocks are spiked and never sit still.
    -Lasers: These are doors that open and close again. When closed, they can kill you. You don't have much time to go through these, so be careful.
    -Lasereyes: When these are closed, they're just white lines on a wall. Once you get on their height (doesn't matter if you are in front of them or behind), they'll open and shoot a laser to where they are looking. The lasers are a bit faster than you are.

    - Again, Meatboy's stage does no longer contain 10 coins, but 8. You can no longer skip coins.
    - Platforms are smaller than they look. The very edges of the platforms are not inside the hitbox, so they 'don't really excist'. That makes people think the double-jump registration is bad, but that's just because they fell through the edge and jumped in the air. That's why I told you how the double-jumps look, so you can see wether you can jump again or not.
    - On your first run, don't go for the coins or 0 deaths. You'll fail.
    - You will obtain medals only when you've finished a stage. So let's say you've collected 8 coins, but don't finish the stage, you won't obtain the medal.
    - The music is awesome :)

    There you go. This was helpful, wasn't it? :D

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