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    Created by Thingamajig

      June 2, 2010, 5:11 am
    The game starts with you, Phill eggtree, being held captive in Riddle school...

    You are in Mr.Soggy's classroom. Pick up the ruler lying on your desk. Now, turn the world globe that is located on the floor, twice. Take the chewing gum. Attatch the gum to your ruler. Now, drag your gum ruler onto the airvent. You will get a rubber band. Drag the rubber band onto Mr.Soggy's face. KAPOW! Pick up the glasses from the floor. Now exit the classroom. If you look closely on the floor, you will see a penny. Pick it up. Now go into the library, where you will be greeted by Mr.Read. Drag the stolen glasses on to Mr.Read's face. He will give you a free bookmark. Feel free to read some of the books, you could learn something. Go back outside and move to the next section of the hallway. Pick up the penny and enter the boy's toilet. Grab the toilet paper and put it inside the toilet. Search for the handle and...FLUSH! The janitor will burst into the bathroom and get to work on fixing the toilet. Leave the toilets. Go into the supply closet. Attatch your gum-ruler to your. Use your gum-ruler-bookmark to get the coin at the top of the shelf. Leave the supply closet and continue to the next section of the hallway. Pick up the penny. Go up stairs. You will find a famished Chubb sitting in front of the door that leads to the office. Go right. Press on the locker with the kid trapped inside it. He will tell you that his combination is in Mrs.Oddverb's room. Go down the stairs, left, and into the teachers lounge. When Mrs.Count starts questioning you, select:

    1: "Mrs.Oddverb, about Richy..."
    2: "He's stuck in his locker. His combination is in your class."
    3: "Yes"

    After the teachers leave, you will have the teacher's lounge all to yourself. Press the middle drawer and take the coin. Leave the teacher's lounge and go back to Richy's locker. But this time, move to the eastern section. Pick up the penny. Open the bright yellow locker and take the coin. Enter Mrs.Oddverb's room. Pick up the locker combination from Richy's desk. Go back to Richy's locker and insert this code:

    (from right to left)


    When Richy is freed, he will give you a coin. Go downstairs and into the last section of the hallway. Go into Mrs.Count's room and search through the pile of monkeys. If you look hard enough, you will find a keyboard key. Go back upstairs and this time, go into the western section. Pick up the penny and go into Mrs.Flask's room. Drag the keyboard key onto the button machine. Take the button. Go into Mrs.Oddverb's room. Give Richy the button. He will give you a coin.
    Now go down to the place where you found Mrs.Count's room. Go into the lunch room. Ask her for some chocolate pudding. You will receive a massive pot of pudding. And I think we all know someoene who needs some pudding. Go up the stairs again. Drag the pot of pudding onto Chubb. He will crush into the auditorium, taking you with him. After Chubb is out of the way, make your way into the office. When Mrs.Mooses starts questioning you, choose the following:

    1: I was sent here to see Mr.Potato
    2: I'm awesome

    You will enter a room, with Mr.Potato siting at his desk, playing some sor of retro NES game. You will take the key and leave. Go to the exit... SWEET FREEDOM!

    Congratulations, you just cheated your way to winning Riddle School 3.


    (Warning, the following content contains spoilers.)

    1) Beat the game twice in a row without closing the web page and you will be possessed

    2) If you stay during the credits, you will see a couple of animals get tortured.

    3) If you wait until the end of the credits, you will see how long it took you to beat the game.

    Thankyou for reading my walkthrough. If you find any problems, please tell me.

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