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    Created by WishBreaker

      September 15, 2010, 7:41 pm
    Im new to this site, but I heard this ave EXP? so I picked a game and dicided to do this uh walkthrough.

    This game envoles fast reflexces and the ability to think befor you do. Here are some tips to survive on "Super Briefcase"

    1. Be aware of nukes (these are those bombs with skulls on them) these will take double the damage of normal sized bombs and will easily kill you.

    2. Think and look and your surroundings before going to get the power-ups remember that power-ups will not disipeer once they hit the ground so dont worry about that.

    3. Use the brief case when things get messy a example would be, you are going to get a health kit but there a bunch of missils around it use the nuke and go get it. or even if you are traped by missiles and dont think you can scrirm your way out of it then the case will come in handy.

    4. Corners, do NOT go near them because if a bunch of misiles block your path to escape to the right or left depending on what corner you are on you will not be able to escape to the pisite side which will be disaturous.

    I hope this helped anyway, ok thanks bye!

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