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    Created by pinoy-friends

      September 25, 2010, 4:26 pm
    1. click the left side of the screen
    2. click the television then remember the monkey pattern
    3. click the right side of the screen
    4. click monkeys showing you
    5. solve it by using the pattern that you should remember at the television
    6. after you solve it click scroll thing
    7. go back by click the upper side of the screen
    8. get the screw driver under-neath the table
    9. click the right side of the screen
    10. look down and click the square thing then use the screw driver to open it
    11. get the paper
    12. get back by clicking the right hand side of the screen
    13. click the left side of the screen then click the monkey thing again
    14. click the lower side of the screen then look at paper that u got in the from the square thing
    15. open the drawer
    16. get the fish net then get out of the place by clicking the upper side of the screen twice
    17. click the right side of the screen twice
    18. get the glass beside the coffee kettle
    19. go right again then click the fish bowl
    20. use the fish net and the glass to get fish but leave fish on table and get the fish bowl
    21. get out by click the lower side of screen
    22. get the knife on the book
    23. click the left side of the screen 3 times
    24. click the chair and use the knife to cut it and get the diamond gem thing
    25. go back then click the clock
    26. put the minute hand on the 12 then hour hand to 5 so 5 o'clock
    27. get the broken clock the get out
    28. goto the left side of the screen
    29. click the telephone then cut the wire by the knife then get the wire
    30. go right 4 times and click the lamp you've got the the light
    31. click the left side of the screen then assemble the things by-
    put the light bulb on the top of the standing thing
    put the clock thing under neath the light bulb
    put the fish tank on the floor
    put the wire between the clock and the fish bowl
    put the diamond gem thing in the center of the clock


    Credits: typing: pinoy-friends awarding me: likwid games

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