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    Created by pinoy-friends

      September 26, 2010, 5:51 pm
    1. click the hammer thing by the boat
    2. click the leaf from the lower left hand side of the screen
    3. use the hammer thing to get the pattern
    4. also use it for the other side of the screen it shows you the pattern
    5. click the lower arrow to go down
    6. get the shovel and get back by clicking the right arrow
    7. us the shovel to dig the bumby part of the sand
    8. go back down and get the rope from the tree on the left side branch
    9. use the rope and click the very top branch of the right tree
    10. use the mirror and put it beside the right tree
    11. click the left arrow to get left
    12. put the patterns the u got in one of those rocks
    13. click the two leaf on the lower screen and also get the pattern
    14. put the patterns on the right rocks
    15. get the other pattern on the sand in the first base
    16. go get the other pattern underneath the totem and place it in the right rock
    17. after u put them all there something shining dig it with the shovel
    18. click the hole that you digging and go click the right arrow
    19. put the chalk thing on the circle hole ot the totem and get the key
    20. use the key to open treasure

    Credits: pinoy-friends

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