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    Created by Wynne

      October 18, 2010, 8:33 am
    Wildly Uncessary Self-Indulgent Description: Days of the Dead--one part Evil Dead, one part rogue-style Diablo, one part archer's shooting gallery, a better title might have been "MEDieval UNdead". Or not. The main character isn't given some flimsy attempt at a name and personality, which is nice; there's not much story here and no major fanfare at the beginning or end, just a tight game free of hindrances to the atmospheric undead-killing fun which, if it goes anything like the difference between Last Stand and Last Stand 2, might one day lead to a more complex sequel even more awesome than the first. This game isn't the most difficult out there, but it's not everyone's usual style of play, so if you find yourself having trouble, this walkthrough and its tips should help you get through. As a person who has done archery in real life, the feel of the game is similar to what I experienced in the way you have to aim, so if you've ever used a bow before, the feel of the game will probably be quite intuitive.

    Though the medieval theme complete with archery and spell-slinging is a nice twist, this is in some ways a standard zombie shooter like the aforementioned Last Stand--in fact, the comparison is what initially drew me to this game, as it's one of the best out there--but that's not to say that DotD feels derivative. On the contrary, it feels pretty unique; however, it does share the classic setup, which makes it very easy for fans of the style of game to pick up and play. The protagonist, on the right, is besieged by enemies and must kill them before they get to the wall; if (s)he fails, then assuming the protagonist survives, once the round has ended the barricade will need repairing. Better equipment is available as time goes on, although unlike Last Stand you are always the lone shooter; presumably the other archers are guarding the rest of the walls. There are also slight RPG elements added, Diablo-style--improvements to the main character's abilities, equipment, and spells keep you interested in each successive night, whereas in Last Stand once you had searched out all the weapons and survivors, there wasn't really anything left to change. In that sense, the pacing and tactical elements of Days of the Dead are very nice, leading to a surprisingly satisfying flash game. Though the replay value is high, the one thing you are likely to end up wishing for is more.

    General Tips:
    --Keep in mind that moving the cursor after you fire seems to have an effect on your trajectory. If you think you might have aimed too high, for instance, just give the mouse an infinitesimal movement downward if you have time before it hits.
    --Try to keep to the bottom-right (S+D) at ALL times. You can hit EVERYTHING from the bottom right, but if you're in the starting position or elsewhere, then enemies against your wall are very hard to hit. If you're using Blizzard you'll want to move around to line up your blast, but other than that, you will be better at aiming if you learn to shoot from one fixed position, and this is the best of them.
    --Don't be afraid to let yourself die. If your accuracy was horrible or something else went wrong, allow your wall to go to 0 and you get a do-over. This can keep you from getting in trouble later on in the game, and there seems to be no penalty for it, fortunately. This means that you are not punished for having difficulty with the learning curve, and you can safely learn to relax and shoot with precision instead of worrying that all your hard work will drop you back from day 11 to day 1. Days of the Dead isn't hardcore and brutal to everyone who hasn't been playing 14000 flash games of this type already. If you're good, you get through it faster; if you do awfully, you just persevere and you can still get to the finish line.
    --Save your resources! Again, if you die, you can repeat the night, which gives you a chance to go back and add the points where you truly need them. With the exception of 3 pairs of speed-enhancing gloves, which are cheap and useful and should probably be the first thing you buy, don't spend money on something unless you're struggling, especially with bows and arrows--this will allow you to get the sweet stuff later on. For best results, hold out until you feel sure you can't make it through the night without better stuff. If you find you need something badly, go for arrows first--they give you a boost but don't break the bank, allowing you to save for the wall upgrade and the good bows.
    --Be careful with your spell choices. Blizzard is weak, dependent mostly on your arrow skill, as it delays your enemies rather than exploding them. Arrow Spray is quite possibly the best cheap spell, but it seems to screw up your accuracy. Venom is a decent choice, damaging and slightly slowing enemies, but it's 15 points and it takes precious wall-destroying time to kill its victims so you have to use it tactically. Meteor is great, but the most expensive spell at 20 points. As long as your minor spell of choice is acceptably potent, focus on mana regen or on saving for a high-cost spell.
    --Tend to your wall. Upgrade it as soon as you have the gold, but don't hesitate to spend 25 to keep it at least at 300. Any lower and you may get overwhelmed.
    --On the night that you have enough gold for the wall upgrade, DON'T repair your wall. The upgrade automatically puts you at 1000 for wall integrity. It's easy to waste money: "Oh, wait, I had 1500 gold and I just repaired all the way to 500...oops."
    --KILL THE RANGED COMBATANTS FIRST, if at all possible! They can damage you barely after coming onto the screen. The only thing as bad for your wall as them are the high hit-point demon-beasts, because they do damage to your wall FAST, and only afterward should you worry about the armored, then unarmored combatants. This changes later when you can do enough damage, but it's generally a good rule. The corollary here would be to always aim for the enemy closest to your wall, but that's just common sense.
    --In a real pinch, you can fire offscreen. It may lower your accuracy, but if you're struggling to survive it may give you an edge to already have an arrow in that blasted archer or beast.
    --Though it's hard when there are a lot of enemies advancing faster than you're used to, relax while shooting. Being tense and nervous can get you killed more readily than anything else, so school yourself to just keep your eyes on the goal. Focus, soldier! ;)

    Days 1 & 2: Concentrate on waiting until the axe-wielding skels get halfway to you, then firing at their heads. After a bit of practice this is easy to do, and more accuracy will level you up faster. For these first two waves, it's best to get 100% accuracy, as it's easy if you're patient and let them get close enough for a perfect shot (head and body are both equal in terms of yielding accuracy points). I recommend taking the criticals upgrade, because when they get close is when it's easy to fire--and also when you want to have a lot of damage at your disposal to take out any pesky boars or cerberi (or is it cerberuses?) After the first night, if you defended the wall well, you should have enough money at your disposal to buy the cloth gloves for a slight speed upgrade (make sure you click the "item" category in your inventory and click the gloves to equip them or you won't get the bonus.) You can buy and wear more pairs of gloves if you want once you have the money.

    Day 3: Now you might have a bit more trouble, both with keeping the enemies away from your barricade and with keeping your accuracy up. You will see skeletons with helmets and medium shields. Aiming for the head is especially crucial with armored opponents. If you hit the head, generally two shots will be enough. If you miss the head, you will need three or possibly four.

    Day 4 & 5: Tonight you will meet the archers, in all their irritating glory, and now you will need to start aiming farther away, which means aiming above the target. There is no easy way to do this; you mostly just have to practice seeing how far above your target's head you need to aim to hit it when it stops walking to begin firing at your wall. Don't worry as much about keeping your accuracy up unless it's truly terrible, as you will be firing more arrows in general and will need to fire them with increasing speed in order to protect your barricade. Few people would be able to stay at 100% under conditions like these. After this wave, new items should be unlocked.

    Day 6: Holy spit, BOARS! And they're angry, red-eyed ones. Demon boars, who move fast and tear up your wall like it's candy, and it's hard to hit their heads--especially when they get up close. You can always hit the beasts from the bottom right corner, so move there at the beginning of each wave from now on for best results. You will now have to balance these buggers against the archers and possibly fire at the boars first, as they sometimes get in the way anyway. Your spells exist to keep them off you, so use them as sparingly as possible but if you see a boar AND an archer on your screen at the same time, it's a safe bet that this is the time to use a spell. Keep in mind, Venom should be used before anything gets close to your wall if it's going to be useful, and Blizzard is good when used up close because then you don't have to work hard at aiming, whereas upgraded Arrow Spray and first-level Meteor are pretty much instant death. If you're struggling, go ahead and nab those blue arrows for the damage boost.

    Day 7: During this wave you will see heavier armor on some of your opponents. By now, you hopefully have begun to learn the rhythm of firing a certain amount above the head when they're far, and adjusting your fire until they get up close and you can aim directly at the head, as well as developing a sense of how to hit the boars' heads. Somewhere around here, a mana regen ring will pop up in the store. Get that immediately; at least one and possibly more if you have more than one spell that you use, unless you feel more confident with your bow than your spells.

    Day 8: A fairly standard night if your skills are developed by now. If not, then use it as practice. You may want to nab the very nice twin bow next, if you haven't already bought the also-nice war bow. The best bow is the fire splash bow if you can get the hang of it, but it comes around late and its accuracy is not the best, so if you are good with aiming then you may want to keep the twin bow for the rest of the game, as it's quite good.

    Day 9: If you have the twin bow, then this night is almost easy. Even boars can be handled pretty smoothly. Save your spells for when you have a large crowd.

    Days 10 &11: You will probably want to nab the red arrows instead of the fire splash bow, but you should be able to do either at this point. If you've got the equipment, the skills, and you've leveled yourself decently, then this should be a breeze! If it's tough, try reviewing the tactics given in this walkthrough and see if there's something you can do to help yourself. The speed gloves, though cheap, can make a noticeable difference.

    Day 12: The giant demon dogs come out around now, but you're almost certainly too tough for them to bother you by now.

    Day 13: If you can't get through this day--your game might be bugged. You should, at least by selling things, have good enough equipment and stats to get you through. Congratulations on saving your medieval village through the power of archery and/or magic!

    I recorded my best stats so far; this should give you an idea of what to expect for each night. Eventually keeping 100% accuracy is no longer possible, at least for me! :)
    Day 1: 100%
    Day 2: 100% 15x2 kills +5 200
    Day 3: 100% 15x3 kills +5 200
    Day 4: 96% 12x4 New Item Unlocked 800
    Day 5: 95% 19x5 kills +5 1000
    Day 6: 98% 27x6 kills +10 1400
    Day 7: 86% 24x7 New Item Unlocked +5 1600
    Day 8: 96% 19x8 kills +5 1800
    Day 9: 91% 30x9 kills +10 2200
    Day 10: 99% 17x10 kills New Item Unlocked +5 2400
    Day 11: 94% 27x11 kills +5 2600
    Day 12: 89% 23x12 +5 2800
    Day 13: 94% 29x13 New Item Unlocked +10 400
    Score: 1182

    This walkthrough was written by Wynne for Likwid Games, (c)2010. Please do not copy and paste the whole or parts of this document unless you give full credit. I mean, that'd be a real jerk move.

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