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    Created by Sokki

      June 18, 2010, 7:28 am
    Especially for LikwidGames here is it:

    To start the game, Click and Open the Book first page.

    Click on the one-legged soldier. Your journey has began.

    1. Go left. There is cute girl and two buttons on the ground. Take the buttons and grant the girls wish to hang herself. Go Right 2 times.
    2. There's a teddy bear with no eyes.. Put (drag and drop) the two buttons as teddy bear eyes. Pick up the puzzle piece. Go Right.
    3. There is a hungry mechanical frog. Ignore it and go Right.
    4. Talk to the Big robot and remember the combination that he will tell you. Press on the squares on the robot and make the right combination (???) dots, and press the circle button on the robot's belly. Talk with him few times until he bully the small robot, so that you can proceed ahead. Go Right.
    5. There is a big box and a monkey near it. Click (several times) on each of the screws until you unscrew them all. Go left all the way to the frog.
    6. Drag and Drop all 4 screws on the frogs eating plate. After that click on the frog. He will thank you and give you one gear, pick it up. Go Right back to the monkey.
    7. Drag and Drop the gear between the two gears. Turn the handle and, once the monkey falls asleep, you can proceed ahead. Go Right twice.
    8. There is a girl locked in a cage. She needs a key. Go Right.
    9. There is a big box with a question on it and a handle. Click and hold on the handle while moving it Up/Down. An evil clown will appear.
    He will throw you into a paper boat. The boat is moving by itself.
    10. Once you got stuck on a stone, move the soldier Left so that the boat raise its front, and them move the soldier Right, so that the boat can go across the stone obstacle.
    11. You will be stuck on a small bottle. Waif for a couple of seconds until there will be shown a floating thing with a needle on it. Take the needle and use it to move the bottle obstacle.
    You will drop down and a fish will eat you.
    12. Inside the fish there is a small medusa. Notice her tentacles. Go Right.
    13. Pick up three teeth from the fish mouth. Go back (left) to the medusa.
    14. Use the teeth to pick up 3 tentacles from the medusa. Above the soldier there is a circuit and a connector on it. Click it once, so that the circuit is fully connected.
    Go Right (at the fish mouth)
    15. Place the teeth back in the fish mouth in the right order, and place two tentacles into the fish brain.
    16. Use the 3 tentacles on the fish brain to control it and make it to bite for the hook. The fish is served on a dinner. Go Left
    17. There is a plate with a spaghetti in it. Take some spaghetti and move Right twice.
    18. There is a knife in the table. Click the knife to tip it over, then use the spaghetti with the handle. Go Down
    19. You will be at the start point (the hanged girl).

    First ending, Happy End :
    Talk with the girl, she will give you an plastic item (key). Go Right.
    Use the key on the duck and see what will happen.

    The duck pushes the Evil clown into the fire...
    Love wins!

    Second ending, Sad End:
    Go Right. Talk to the Jack in the Box and… you win??

    The Evil Clown throws you both into fire...
    Evil Clown wins!

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