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    Created by Melchizedek

      November 16, 2010, 1:08 am
    Hey everyone, this is the best method I've found to get extremely far as quickly as possible in this game. Enjoy~

    -Always hold the W and D keys because these make you go higher and further, except when you are slower and low to the ground, you can maneuver the turtle with WASD to get cash bags or speed/altitude boosts or to avoid spikes

    -Shoot the cannon at around a 40 degree angel at the highest power for the furthest hight mixed with altitude

    -For your first upgrade buy the stone rocket pack for the turtle

    -Use the rocket pack when you are at the apex of your first shot from the cannon, then as you are falling down shoot the turtle with your slingshot. Wait a second or two so that the turtle has good downward momentum or else the shot won't be as effective!

    -For your second upgrade purchase the $10,000 cannon

    -You should be able to reach 10,000ft before hitting the ground using the new cannon, the rocket pack, and the slingshot

    -For your next upgrade buy the Desert Eagle pistol from the gunz shop for $8,000

    -Use the Desert Eagle in the same way you used the slingshot, after you shoot from the cannon, after the jet pack as you are falling to the ground but still up high

    -Next buy the real Jet Pack for $25,000

    -You should be getting rather far very easily and soon will have enough money to buy the $40,000 cannon

    -After the cannon save up for the Sniper Rifle from the gunz shop for $75,000. This is a huge upgrade and all the other guns before it or after aren't worth the money, except for the Golden Gun which is the last thing you will buy

    -With the 40k cannon and 75k sniper rifle and jet pack, you should be able to get 300,000ft before hitting the ground once!

    -Next buy the final cannon for $100,000

    -The final thing you buy will be the Golden Gun, which combined with the final cannon will get you to 500,000ft before hitting the ground once!

    *A couple Notes*

    -I don't use the missile because I think it has a set speed and slows you down, the jet pack is better even though it's cheaper.

    -You can start using the chest bombs whenever you want, once you start to make well over $2,000 each try and can justify buying them

    -Once you have bought everything I suggest using Nukes but only when you are almost stopped, never while you're going very fast because I think these have a fixed speed like the Missile.

    That's it! Enjoy! God bless you!

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