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    Created by Thingamajig

      June 21, 2010, 9:55 am
    1) Click on the wood planks that are at the left of the screen.
    2) Click the left arrow.
    3) Click on the net.
    4) Click on the bucket.
    5) Click on the palm tree.
    6) Click on the coconut.
    7) Repeat steps 5 and 6 three more times.
    8) Click on the right arrow.
    9) Click on the right arrow.
    10 Drag the net under the monkey.
    11) Click on branch above Victor.
    12) -Cutscene-
    13) Click on the vine around the tree branch.
    14) Click on the left arrow.
    15) Drag one coconut onto the top-left vacuum monster.
    16) Click on the arrow that leads into it's den.
    17) Drag your bucket of water onto the fire.
    18) Click on the color-wheel.
    19) Complete the memory game.
    20) Take the wood planks in the den.
    21) Leave the den.
    22) Drag a coconut onto the bottom-right vacuum monster.
    23) Click on the arrow that leads into it's den.
    24) Drag the two wood planks onto the broken bridge.
    25) Click on the color-wheel.
    26) Complete the memory game.
    27) Leave the den.
    28) Drag a coconut onto the top-right vacuum monster.
    29) Click on the arrow that leads into it's den.
    30) Drag the vine onto the cone-shaped rock at the top of the screen.
    31) Click on the vine.
    32) Click on the scissors
    33) Click on the color-wheel.
    34) Complete the memory game.
    35) Leave the den.
    36) Drag a coconut onto the last vacuum monster.
    37) Click on the arrow that leads into it's den.
    38) Drag the scissors onto the spider.
    39) Click on the color-wheel.
    40) Complete the memory game.

    Congratulations, you won the game.

    I tried to make this walkthrough as brief as possible. If you find any errors, please tell me.


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