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    Created by Thingamajig

      June 24, 2010, 9:24 am
    You start in the library.

    1) Click on the piece of string on the floor.
    2) Click on the key on the left side of the screen.
    3) Drag the key into the orange book with the padlock.
    4) Click on the middle arrow.
    5) Take the glasses.
    6) Drag the string into the ink bottle.
    7) Leave that room.
    8) Go to the room that was unlocked by the key.
    9) Drag the glasses onto the cat.
    10) Take the feather and enter the left side of the book.
    11) Look around the screen for:

    > Two pebbles
    > A top hat
    > A small ball of snow.
    > And a wooden hand (this is blended into the background).

    12) Leave this part of the book.
    13) Look around the screen for:

    > Another wooden hand.
    > A medium sized ball of snow (the one with black dots on it, the other is a yeti)
    > A carrot.

    14) Go back to the left part of the book.
    15) Add everything except the feather to make a snow man on the big ball of snow.
    16) Leave the book.
    17) Go to the right part of the book.
    18) Click on the shovel hanging from the tree.
    19) Leave the book, and the room now.
    20) Click on the ladder.
    21) Go inside the secret room you just opened.
    22) Drag the feather onto the book with the cockroach stuck in it.
    23) Leave the room.
    24) Click on the right arrow.
    25) Click on the puzzle and solve it. (This can take a few minutes)
    26) Once you finish the puzzle, drag the shovel onto the cockroach in the jar)
    27) Go back to the main screen.

    Congratulations, you won the game.

    Thank you for reading my walkthrough. If you find any errors, please tell me.


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