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    Created by hugo

      December 30, 2010, 5:19 pm
    1st mission- Kill the closest guy to wall

    2nd mission-After a while a guy will come out from the left kill him

    3rd mission- After a while a guy will stand up from the 2 table counting from the left he will get out of the restaurant...when he closes the door SHOOT HIM! then kill the guy alone in the 2 table

    4th mission- Wait for the 4 guys and girls to pass then another group will come... one of the guys in that group as a briefcase kill that 1.

    5th mission- Kill the guy on the 4th floor then kill the guard(i recommend you to kill the guard when he stops in the elevator, be quick)

    6th mission- When the trains stop kill the driver then a guy with a hat and a suitcase will come out kill him.

    7th mission-after a while a guard will appear in the balcony on the 2nd floor shoot him then shoot the electrical box then a alarm will sound on the lower floor you will be able to see a guy TRYING to run that your target.

    8th mission-When the car is in the middle of the screen shoot him....

    9th mission-Ok this 1 is simple 1st kill the terrorists then 3 guys will show their heads DONT SHOOT THE BODY ONLY THE HEAD ... thats it.

    10th mission- when the guards on the ground cross with each other shoot the guy on the tower then just kill the guys on the ground when they arent looking to each other after this a thief will pass dont shoot him or her i dunno....

    11th mission- 1st a limousine will arrive two guys will come out... after they are in when the 1st is going up the stairs shoot the guys behind him when the guy that was going up the stairs appears on the top floor shoot him before the windows close then just kill the guy in the entry... simple.

    12th mission- Ok this is a LITTLLEEEE BIT tricky first a guy will appear on the 1st building on the 3rd floor you will see him then the senator will appear again another guy will appear on the last floor of the 3rd building then ANOTHER GUY WILL APPEAR ON THE LAST FLOOR OF THE MIDDLE BUILDING YOU MADE it yay!!
    Credits: Me me and me nobody else

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