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    Created by JeffDunham

      June 26, 2010, 12:38 pm
    Mission 1: Shoot the lock on the first cell. Then shoot the lock on the second cell.

    Mission 2: Shoot the wire next to the bell to deactivate the alarms. Shoot the lever to let the inmates out.

    Mission 3: Turn all the remaining showers on by shooting the knobs. Just wait for the room to steam up.

    Mission 4: Shoot the water knob above the the guard. Shoot the cameras fast when they are not facing each other. Shoot the first window.

    Mission 5: Shoot the megaphone when the guard is under it.

    Mission 6: Shoot the leg of the first shelf to make the rest collapse.

    Mission 7: After the guy with yellow hair gets his food, shoot his bowl after he gets to the table.

    Mission 8: Shoot the fire extinguisher just after the guard walks by. Shoot the string holding the sign up to knock out the other guard.

    Mission 9: Shoot the power lines.

    Mission 10: Shoot the leash of the dog (wait for the guard to leave). Shoot the string holding the bucket above the second guard (wait for the guard on the tower to leave). Shoot the lever to open the door then quickly shoot the right leg of the table that holds the kegs.

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