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    Created by Sokki

      January 22, 2011, 6:05 pm
    Especially for LikwidGames here is it:

    Maybe there are different ways to help Lady Gaga to escape, but the puzzles are solved by these steps:
    1. You are in the TV room. After your conversation with Pigsaw, go LEFT. You will notice a Sleeping Pills near the Door left. Take them. Go LEFT again.
    2. You are in the Garbage room. Take the 2 Yellow Box. Notice the Puros (cigar box) on the bookshelf. Place the two yellow box below it, climb on them and take a cigar. Get down on the floor again and go in the UPPER Room.
    3. Take the Pain Bucket. Throw the Cigar through the Vent on the Steel Door (RIGHT). Now is safe to go right. Go RIGHT.
    4. You are in the Fat Tony room. Take the Brush (behind the weird chair) and the Baseball Bat that is lying on the floor. Go Back (LEFT). Go DOWN (back to the Garbage room). Go RIGHT twice (back to the TV room). Go UP.
    5. You are in the Kitchen. Take the Thermos and the other Objects (Shove, Kitchen Roller, Pizza box, a Pizza, Chunk of Cheese, Banana, Tomato Sauce, Ham). Go DOWN (TV room). Go DOWN again.
    6. Down and Right Choices room. Go DOWN. Left and Right Choices room. Eat the Banana. COMBINE the Brush with the Paint bucket. COMBINE the Painted Brush with the Banana Peel. Go RIGHT (probably its bugged, and when you hover the arrow it will show up :P )
    Slideshow Bob's room. Throw the Camouflaged Banana Peel on front of Slideshow Bob. Take his Knife. Go LEFT (back). Go LEFT again.
    7. A green Martian's room. Use the Baseball bat on him. Take the Water Gun (near the left door). Go LEFT.
    8. Room with picture of ugly monster on the wall. Take the Big Giant Gift Box. Go way BACK to the KITCHEN.
    9. You are in the Kitchen. Create and Prepare the Pizza, little help for my Likwidians to make pizza you need the right ingredients (a pizza, chunk of cheese, ham, tomato sauce, ham) the right tools (knife, kitchen roller, a shovel) and a nice and warm oven to prepare the pizza in. You may need to spice your pizza with some Sleeping Pills before putting it inside a pizza box. Go DOWN (tv room). Go RIGHT.
    10. The Mask is here. Give him the tasteful Pizza and wait a second. Take his Mask and the Dog also. COMBINE the Mask with the Dog. Go RIGHT.
    11. You are in the empty hall. Use the Giant Gift Box (to go unnoticed). Go RIGHT. The Grinch is here. Try to scare him by talking at him. Take the Red Boots. Go BACK to the Garbage room. Go DOWN.
    12. Down and Right choices room. Go RIGHT. Use the Red Boots. COMBINE the Thermos with the Water Gun. Go RIGHT. Use the Hot Water Gun on Mr. Penguin. Take his Umbrella. Go BACK. Remove the Red Boots and go way Back to the KITCHEN.
    13. Open the Umbrella. Go RIGHT. Fast JUMP THROUGH THE WINDOW. While falling, use your Opened Umbrella (drag and drop to Lady Gaga). Go UPSTAIRS. You now are behind Leatherface. Use the Dog Mask on Him. Take his Chainsaw. Take the Magnifying Glass. Go BACK to the TV room. Go DOWN.
    14. Down and Right Choices room. Go RIGHT. The Joker room. Take the Puzzle board and the Pieces that are on the table. Take the Flashlight also. From your INVENTORY, COMBINE the Pieces to the Puzzle and the Puzzle Board. Open and Solve the Puzzle Board. Turn OFF the Room Light and COMBINE the Flash Light with the Solved Puzzle board. A 4 letter number will be shown to you, this is the password for the door right (sorry LikwidGames members but this is different every time, mine was 4326). Turn ON the room light and input the password to the door right. COMBINE the Magnifying Glass with the Solved Puzzle Board. A name (fluffy) will be shown. Go RIGHT.
    15. You are in the evli Riddler's room. He will ask you about his cat's name. Answer it (fluffy). After the Riddler is smashed by the big question mark, take the Bar from him. Go way BACK to the Slideshow Bob. (from TV room go DOWN twice then RIGHT)
    16. You are in the Last room. Use the Bar to prevent opening the doors up. Now you are safe to take the Key from the floor. Use the Key to Open the Green Door right. Go Through it.

    Congratulations, you have successfully escaped from Pigsaw and his Villains. Although I think that I didn't use the Chainsaw.. Strange isn't it? :S

    If there are any problems or wrong steps, please let me know and I'll try to fix them. Probably there are some grammatical mistakes.
    The Lady Gaga Saw Game Walkthrough was originally created by me for use on LikwidGames and all other places :)
    Credits: Me, myself and LikwidGames :)

    Thank the author of this Walkthrough:

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