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    Created by upsidied2

      July 7, 2010, 8:30 am
    1. Click on glider plane.
    2. Click on farthest left ninja.
    3. Click on closest ninja to you.
    4. Click on the lever.
    5. Click on missile warhead while ninja is pulling lever.
    6. Click on missile base.
    7. Click on skull and crossbow sign.
    8. Click on the light on the tower.
    9. Click on the water.
    10. Click on the machine gun on the tower.
    11. Punch in code A2, B1, C3.
    12. Click on motorcycle.
    13. Click on ladder.
    14. Click on white lever.
    15. Click on steering wheel.
    16. Click on ladder.
    17. Click on wood pole in front of you.
    18. Click on pipe.
    19. Click on wood pole again.(It should be knocked over now)
    20. Click on ladder, then quickly click on lever.
    21. Click on ladder again.
    22. Click ladder one more time.
    23. Click on ninja near the water.
    24. Click on the other ninja when he walks near the water.
    25. Click the right end of the wooden pole you’re on.
    26. Click on the chest.
    27. Click on the crates.
    28. Click on the wooden pole you were on.
    29. Click on the wooden pole above you.
    30. Click on the wooden pole above you again.
    31. Quickly click on the wooden pole above you, then the sattelite dish, then the fat guy 2 times.
    32. Click on the panel to the left, where the fat guy fell off.
    33. Keep clicking the right set of circles until the circle like shape is on top and upright, the triangle like shape is in the middle and upright, and the square like shape is on the bottom and upright.
    34. Click on the ladder on the wall.
    35. Click on the lever.
    36. Click on the fish.
    37. Click on the hatch the fish came out of.
    38. Click the lever below you.
    39. Click the opening the hatch was blocking.
    40. Click the lever until the moving hatches that are moving are completely flat, and you are in the little gap of air ahead.
    41. Click on the wheel, then the wheel that is in the room you get moved into.
    42. Click the lever 3 times, then the wheel.
    43. Click on the generator. Click on the 5th button, then the 2nd button, then the 3rd button, then the last button, then the 1st button, then the 4th button, then the 6th button.
    44. Click the lever, then exit out left. Click the lever, then exit up.
    45. Click on the lever, then the biplane.
    46. Click on the bottom joint of the far right leg of the spider monster, then the next joint, then the biplane, then the spiders head.
    Congratulations!!! You’ve Won!

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