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    Created by Aceleration

      July 7, 2010, 2:16 am
    Scene 1:

    1. Use the binoculars

    2. Remember the code that you see in binoculars

    3. Use the same code for the liftswitch and press the handle

    Scene 2:

    4. Jump three times

    5. Go to the control room

    6. Switch on the fuses

    7. Take the coin

    8. Place the coin in the automat

    9. Get in the lift

    Scene 3:

    10. Get in the train

    11. Get out of the train

    12. Move the tank closer to the train

    13. Refuel the train

    14. Get into the Train

    15. Use the dynamo

    16. Press the handle to start the engine

    Scene 4:

    17. Press the handle to break the train

    Scene 5:

    18. Press the button on the lift

    19. Unattach the bridge wheels from the base by pressing left and right control wheel

    20. Press the middle wheel

    21. Climb down from the bridge

    22.Get into the train

    Scene 6:

    23. Press the button to move to the next screen

    Scene 7:

    24. Jump down from the train

    25. Put the battery into the crane

    26. Get in the crane

    27. Move to the left

    28. Press the hydraulic arm to catch the train

    29. Move to the right

    30. Press button on the crane to break the blockade

    31. Get out of the crane

    32. Press the button to move to the next screen

    Scene 8:

    33. Connect the cable to the electricity

    34. Press the three buttons so they align the rotating black lines into the horizontal position

    Scene 9:

    35. Press the button to jump

    Scene 10:

    36. Press the door button

    37. Move out the electric cable from the guard robot

    38. Press the door button

    Scene 11:

    39. Use the control buttons to setup the right position of the hydraulic arm Hydraulic arm has to be down and right at the front of the released cable

    40. Push the cable to the hydraulic arm

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