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    Created by akosibitoy

      March 26, 2011, 12:30 am
    Hi this is a walkthrough for the Sagittarian enjoy :D

    3 choices at start
    1.Check your Phone
    2.Brush your teeth
    3.Check the tv

    click any of those choices
    if you chose choice 1:
    Click brush your teeth
    Go to the front door
    Look out the window
    Click leave him to his fate
    do the same process from choice 1 if you chose choice 2
    If you chose choice 3:
    Go check the cable box
    kill the crazed man using your rake
    head back inside to get supplies
    Choose canned food and toolbox or tool box and first aid kit
    Check a neighbors house
    Kill them both
    Search the house for keys
    Have a look around first
    Drive out of here
    Go to St. Claire
    Either click explore or continue
    If you click explore:
    you will just end in the same way if you clicked continue
    Get to the roads
    Check it out
    Raise your hands slowly to show that youre not threat
    Where are you heading?
    I was heading towards St.Claire
    Keep clicking continue
    Kill them all
    Keep clicking continue
    Interesting Perspective
    Help him because its Polite
    Keep clicking continue
    Sage.Its alright,stay calm
    Keep clicking continue
    you can either choose yes or no because youll end up following sage and dusty
    check around back
    either click go inside or stand guard outside while the others get the meds cause youll end up killing the runner that comes
    Just keep clicking continue
    now you will end up in 4 choices where to live in
    click football stadium
    click continue 3x

    You win the game!!With help though :P

    Thank the author of this Walkthrough:

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