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    Created by jvitor

      March 26, 2011, 12:07 pm
    1-Get the parchment inside the trees be
    2-go way to the cemetery and take the pot
    3-enter the cemetery and take the holy water
    4-where to go next to the trees be and get the hammer and then the trunk and grab the pole on the side
    5-go to the mill and then to the right and take the stairs
    6-go to front of the house and put the ladder in front, climb and then climb back into the chimney and get the carbon black, and break down the iron bars with matel
    7-from inside the house, enter the door under the house, click on the barrel and place the pot on the keg and take the pot again and climb
    8-click on the fire and put the pot on it, click on the pot when the smoke away and grab the salt and also grab the torch along bottom of the pot
    9-now go down and grab the lever q is holding the door and exit out
    10-now go right to the house and enter the basement and use the torch along to light and take the garlic and then exit and go to the mill
    11-use the handle in the mill to run the mill and fill the river
    12 - now go to the left of the mill and demand a cave on left side of the river
    Between 13-and up until you find a door, place the garlic and then the carbon black to open the door
    Between 14-and put salt in the coffin, now click on the coffin
    15-holy water combines with the stake, now put the stake into the vampire's chest and grab the hammer and put at stake
    you have destroyed the beast
    Credits: jvitor o rei dos jogos de escape

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