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    Created by jvitor

      March 26, 2011, 7:06 pm
    1-enter the lab, click the equipment in the laboratory
    2-now get the bottle on the table on the left, place the bottle in the mud and then the red and green slime on blue water
    3-take the potion of long life and put it in gentleman fastasma and grab the lever on the floor
    4-exit the room and climb the ladder, it will break, then go right
    5-use the lever to open the door to the dining room, enter the room and turn off the glasses and get a baguette, the key on the mantelpiece and the ground pepper
    6-use key to open the library door, grab the mop and place the baguette on the chair and click the red book upon the shelf
    Use the 7-key chest on chest and grab the gold in the chest, turn the glasses and open the sarcophagus and then turn off the glasses and click the mummy
    8-skirt and go to the dining room, turn on the goggles and put the new bone in the dog and click on the table to get the cloth
    9-skirt and the glasses off and put the mop in the display case, turn the glasses and take the sword
    10-go to the dining room and use the sword to cut the curtain, get cloth along and agree with the gold
    11-skirt and put the rope on track
    12-now go to the west corridor on the left and talk to the grandmother fastasma
    13-go to the east corridor on the right, go down to prmeiro walk, go to the dining room and take the cup and use a cup of tea in the teapot
    14-put the cup of tea in the fire exit and go left and use the hot tea in mint
    15-Go right and climb on the second floor and go to the west corridor and use the tea in granny fastasma
    16-go to the room and click on the floor, click the fastasma
    17-take the gel and leave the room, go east and go down the hall to the first floor and go to the main hall
    18-click on the painting and return to the room, use the gel in the mirror now go to the eastern corridor and the flail and get back to the room
    19-use the flail on the floor and off the glasses and get the bombs and use the pepper on the bed and grab the stick and go to the dining room and use the piece of wood on the fire
    20-skirt and go to the third floor and place the bombs in the room and use the torch along gray pumps
    Credits: jvitor o rei dos jogos de escape

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