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    Created by daryllizardo

      April 27, 2011, 10:11 pm
    to finish the game follow this guide:
    go right until your outside.then talk to the bird(i dunno why but the bird talks.then go rght away to ur father and then hell ask u to unstuck fatty fat cakes.after traveling right youl meet to her until the conversation is ended.then go right some more and go into the pipe.after that the fat guys gonna ask you to get a sharp thing(its prabobly your dads fishin hook.then go back to the pipe with the fat guy in it then pop him.then go through the pipe through the pit and keep on going left until ur out again and grab the seed that poped out with you.that seed thing will be youre ticket to go to the other side.go back to the pipe and cross it again.youll notice that the fruit is kind of following the seed.its up to you to solve how to get to that fruit.continue to shill bend wich right is left and left is right.after crossin shill bend youl hear a pleasing sound.take note of the letters flying out of the flute.then go right and jump in it until you reach a dark brown cloud then talk to the cream like.. thing.then go back to toredwind field and talk to the boy whos playing in the fruit.then go back to your house and play the piano using the letters that was in shill bend.there you go youre in youre fathers secret basement(if you dont know its: DEBAB)i know its dark but youll have to find all the switches until you can advance to the next place in the basement.then youll be on a ship and the ring the door bell even if some people in the game telss you not to.then tada! your finish
    Credits: plss write in my profile if you need anything

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