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    Created by Sniper

      May 11, 2011, 8:05 pm
    1.Grab the box over by the sink
    2.Then move the rug on the floor
    3.Grab the key on the floor
    4.Examine the cabinet by the floor,and open the drawer second from the bottom(or top,it doesn't matter)and get the handle.
    5.Use the key to unlock the top drawer
    6.Open the top drawer and get the gun magazine
    7.Open the bathtub curtain
    8.Grab the rubber duck in the bathtub
    9.Examine the shower head, and grab the red wire.
    10.Grab the plug in the bidet
    11.Grab the dirty piece of paper inside the waste bin
    12.Grab the hammer head behind the toilet
    13.Combine the handle with the hammer head
    14.Break the box with the hammer
    15.Put the plug in the sink
    16.Turn on the faucet
    17.Click the soap
    18.Clean the dirty piece of paper in the sink
    19.Move the picture on the wall
    20.Use the red wire to connect the green wire
    21.Open the toilet lid
    22.Put the rubber duck inside the toilet
    23.Flush the toilet
    24.Grab the piece of paper floating in the toilet
    25.Combine the 2 pieces of paper to get the combination
    26.Use the password on the keypad thing to unlock it
    27.Open it
    28.Grab the gun inside of it
    29.Put the bullets inside the magazine
    30.Insert the magazine into the gun
    31.Use the gun to shoot the lock on the door
    32.You're done go celebrate :D

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