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    Created by Pookers

      July 13, 2010, 8:32 pm
    First, grab the shovel that is sticking out of the coal. You will need to add coal to the fire every once in a while by dragging the shovel from your inventory to the coal pile. Also grab the brick.

    Turn left twice. Grab the chisel that is sitting on the bottom shelf of the stand. Look at the painting; dolls 1, 3, and 5 each have both arms down, while dolls 2 and 4 have an arm facing up.

    Turn left. Grab the green wrench on the floor. At some point now, the boiler will need to be repaired. When the lights start flashing, turn back around to the boiler and drag the green wrench from your inventory to the spot on the pipe where the steam is coming out. Make sure to fill the boiler up with coal again.

    Move the red knobs (just by clicking-- no items from your inventory needed) below the conveyor belt so that knobs 1, 3, and 5 are down, while 2 and 4 are facing up (the hint from the doll painting). The conveyor belt will stop moving.

    Click the conveyor belt to climb on it. Grab the note that's stuck to the wall and the ladder that's lying on the floor.

    Get back off the conveyor belt, then turn right twice to see the doll making machine. Click the box of recycled doll parts to look inside. Grab the note taped to the top corner.

    Click to look back at the machine. Click your note to see the code. Click the number pad on the front of the machine and enter your code, then click "build".

    Grab the doll that the machine makes. Click the doll from your inventory. Turn right twice to look at the locked door. Click the chain to look down at your foot. USe the key from the doll to unlock your foot.

    Make sure the boiler is in the red. Click to go back to the conveyor belt where you picked up the ladder. Drag the ladder from your inventory to the wall behind the conveyor belt. Climb the ladder and then use your chisel on the bars (I think the boiler has to be in the red to do this part).


    Note: There are some objects that you can pick up that you don't actually need to complete the game, such as the key hanging from the wall next to the painting.


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