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    Created by Ranger0211

      May 12, 2011, 4:06 pm
    First Scene...
    1). Click the gate.
    2). Click the dog on it's chest.

    Second Scene...
    1). Knock over the bin by clicking the lid.
    2). Hit the switch on the traffic light, it should go green then the car will zoom off.
    3). Click the dog on it's chest.

    Third Scene...
    1). Open the toolbox and await for the key to appear (silver thing).
    2). Click the handle of the key.
    3). It should unlock the green padlock.
    4). Click the crane door.
    5). Flip the switch inside the crane.
    6). Click the dog on it's chest if he doesn't automatically run off.

    Fourth Scene...
    1). Click the TOP of the crate behind the dog.
    2). Click the head of the hammer inside the crate.
    3). Once it has removed the nails from the section of the fence, click that specific fence part.
    4). Quickly run up the pre-made ramp before the "zombie cat" gets to you by clicking the dog on it's chest.

    Fifth Scene...
    1). Click the plug on the floor to the right.
    2). Click the hoover above the dog.
    3). Quickly click both crates on top of the wooden door venturing on the stairs. (Make sure you click on the crate closest to the hoover first).
    4). Click on the door on top of where the crates used to be so it flies open.
    5). Before the cat get's to you, click the dog on it's chest so it runs upstairs.

    Sixth Scene...
    1). Flip open the electric box by clicking on it. (Yellow box with a lightning bolt on it) a cat should fall out.
    2). Click the wheelbarrow that is on the elevator so it wheels off of it.
    3). Click/flip the bottom switch so the elevator ventures upwards.
    4). Click the dog on it's chest.
    5). Click/flip the switch on the top so it ventures upwards again, taking you to the roof.

    Seventh Scene...
    1). Click the lonely brick below the elevator (not the pile of three, the lonely one) sending it down the chimney clearing a mob of bats.
    2). Click the owl which is in the way of the two cables and plugs.
    3). Wait until the owl perches on what looks like some sort of chimney.
    4). Click the plugs again, they should then meet and connect together.
    5). Flip/click the switch which is near the plugs and the crane, it should bring up a big plank of wood.
    6). Click the dog on it's chest.

    Eighth Scene...
    1). Click the tip of the satellite dish so it rotates outwards, not inwards.
    2). Flip the switch below the dog.
    3). A bunch of packages will then drop down, the rest will land in the background, one will land on the roof.
    4). Click the package/crate that landed on roof, it should then disappear.
    5). Click on the frag grenade (the contents of the crate), it should then head down the ladder and explode, wiping out the building.
    6). Click the hatch at the near top left of the screen, (where the ladders are), it should then close.
    7). Click the dog on it's chest.

    Ninth Scene...
    1). Open the hatch to your right, it should fling open.
    2). Click the ladders which appear when you open the hatch, they should shift up a notch.
    3). Click the dog on it's chest.

    Tenth Scene...
    1). Click the dog on it's chest, it should leap up onto the tractor.
    2). Click the top brick closest to the wall a key will appear, (not the two below, the one above).
    3). Click the key, it will then fly to the green lock on the toolbox and unlock it.
    4). Click the lid of the toolbox.
    5). Click the top of the purple key, it will then fly over into the tractor and start the engine up.
    6). Click the axe which is wedged into the fence, it will then go into the back of the tractor.
    7). Hit the switch on the tractor!

    Eleventh Scene...
    1). Click the axe and watch it chop off the right leg and arm off the cat.
    2). Click the cat once the action has finished.
    3). Click the dog on it's chest.

    Twelfth Scene...
    1). Click the mole.
    2). Click the reversed "R" shaped stone block.
    3). Click the lower case looking "L" shaped stone block.
    4). Click the key above the dog.
    5). Once the key has unlocked the block, click the block so it falls over.
    6). Click the funny shaped block that looks similar to a common tetris piece.
    7). Click the "R" shaped block that is laying on it's back.
    8). Click the dog on it's chest.

    Thirteenth Scene...
    1). Click the colour coded triggers at the top in the following sequence:
    2). Click the dog on it's chest.

    Fourteenth Scene...
    1). Click the ginger/orange cat at the top of the manhole.
    2). Once ripped to shreds... Click the manhole cover.
    3). Click the pickaxe which is leaned against the crooked fence.
    4). Click the dog on it's chest.

    Fifteenth Scene...
    1). Click the barrel on the trap which is located in the top right corner of the UI.
    2). Click the top tire which is covering the zombie cat, then click the other one below once that one has gone, (it should then run into the trap, then loose it's head).
    3). Hit the switch with the directional arrows on them.
    4). Hit the magnetic switch which is near the trap.
    5). Once again, hit the directional arrows terminal.
    6). Click the dog on it's chest.

    Sixteenth Scene...
    1). Click the spanner on the car, it should then unscrew a part of the car.
    2). Click the part of the car which the spanner unscrewed, it should then come out with ease.
    3). Click the box with the spare part in it.
    4). Click the black socket thing.
    5). Click the bonnet so it slams down onto the car, (far left of the screen).
    6). Hit the key inside the car.

    Seventeenth Scene...
    This is just a small cut scene of two zombie cats drinking soda, I believe? When you're ready, just click anywhere on the User Interface (UI).

    Eighteenth Scene...
    1). Click the handle on top of the wooden shack, (a small looking "L" shape).
    2). Click the portaloo that it attached to, (do NOT click the one on the right).
    3). Click the yellow oil bottle which will loosen up the lock.
    4). Once that's done, click the key so it unlocks the door ahead.
    5). Click the door.
    6). Click the dog on it's chest.

    Nineteenth Scene...
    1). Type in the following code in chronological order on the safe to unlock the purple cage:
    2). Once typed in, the digits should go green, click the small turnstyle on the left hand side to open the safe.
    3). Click the key what lies within, it will then unlock the cage.
    4). Click the right side of the cage so a flap goes up.
    5). Click the radio which will electrocute the cat in the bath tub.
    6). Click the plank of wood to the left of the cage.
    7). Click the dog on it's chest.

    Twentieth Scene...
    1). Click the red dial on the TV what the two cats are watching.
    2). Click the tire on the roof.
    3). Click the crate on the roof after you've knocked the tire off.
    4). Click the dog on it's chest.

    Twenty First Scene...
    1). Click the funny looking metal detector which is leaned against the crooked fence, it will then scan the ground and find an item.
    2). Click the spade which is leaned against the shed in the background, it will then uncover a toolbox.
    3). Click the lid of the toolbox.
    4). Click the ring of the key which is just appearing outside the toolbox.
    5). Click the door on the shed that it just unlocked.
    6). Click the dog on it's chest.

    Twenty Second Scene...
    1). Click the wooden plank which is leaned against the wall.
    2). Click the small red button on the wall and wait for the door to open.
    3). Click the dog on it's chest, it will then venture inside.

    Twenty Third Scene...
    You'll see a "Five Minutes Later..." cut scene, once that disappears you'll find yourself a few scenes back, but no dog? Not to worry, just click anywhere on the screen and watch what happens next!

    Thank you for using this walkthrough, it is my first ever one, I hope you found it efficient and useful.
    - Joe

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