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    Created by Thunder

      July 16, 2010, 1:16 pm
    First what you must click is: PLAY button ;D
    Well: First click on Spears
    2) Click on Retardo
    3) Click on rocks on cliff
    4) Click on all screws on the bridge
    5) Now click on yourself
    6) Click on bell
    7) Click on cart with spikeballs
    8) Now click again on bell
    9) Click on lamp
    10) Click on machine when enemy is going to the lamp
    11) When he goes back click on "doors" to the machine
    12) Click on a lever
    13) When you're in a cart you must clicks on obstacles
    14) Click on part of lever and put it into place where this should be
    15) Click on rocks and now click on ladder (under rocks)
    16) Click on gear (is in ground left bottom)
    17) Click on lever and now click on arrow down
    18) When Retardo is in elevator click arrow up
    19) Click on bucket and click on cylinder with water
    20) Click on chalice
    21) Fill again bucket
    22) Click on lever under wooden wheel
    23)Click on sleeping enemy
    24) Click on wooden wheel
    25) Click on entrance
    26) Click on ball and put it into barrel over you
    27) Click on wooden wheel around catapult
    28) Now put ball with "glue" into catapult
    29) Click on Retardo
    30) When enemy is on catapult click on wooden wheel
    31) Click on festoon and put it on cart in right top
    32) Click on paling behind Iron Golem and put it onto cart
    33) Click on sprag


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