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    Created by kareem

      March 16, 2010, 12:22 pm
    1st level:

    Collect > Hamburger "Bottom Right" and some green thingy right from it + stick from red shirt guy + gray dots on ground behind green shirt guy + surgical glove on top of trash cane + click on your own feet area for one more collectable "no idea what it is " the collect counter should be now at 8 .

    Solve > the guy in front of you is hungry feed him Hamburger " he shouldn't eat stuff of the floor ;)".

    2nd level:

    Collect > Green Vomit .

    Solve > use stick on red T-shirt guy .. answer "yes" and click him before he clicks you .. three times and he is out.

    3rd level:

    Collect > yellow bottle on far bottom left collect count is now 10.

    Solve > the guy in front of you seems to like green colored t-shirt .. give him green vomit to complete the looks :).

    4th level;

    Collect > red string at far bottom left .

    Solve > use Glove on guy in front of you.

    5th level:

    Collect > pink gum in front of blue tent at left bottom + use glove on trash cane hole .. click on green stuff to remove it then take the gray thing in middle of the trash which turns out to be a razor blade.. hit close at top right...

    Solve > give razor blade to the guy in front of you.

    6th level:

    Solve > girls hate gum in there hair ... use gum on your self.

    Final Level:

    Collect > the chair behind you from the girl of previous level .

    Solve > use stick on tent to cut it .. the guy comes out and he have black belt .. click hi glasses twice to take them .. now he is blind as a bat .. now give him a chair to.. sit down !! :)..

    yay you got your PS4

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