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    Created by IkeZilla

      June 2, 2011, 3:51 pm
    Game Intro:
    You start off talking to Professor Oak who will give you your starter pokemon for free (apparently he’s got da big bucks giving away a free rare pokemon like that), either Squirtle, Charmander, or Bulbasaur. Once you choose, the game will show you two Team Rocket members hypnotizing a pack of Rattata to attack Oak's Lab. Choose your game version, and suddenly, the Rattata a noise sounds as the Rattata break through the wall.

    Lvl 1, Oak's Lab:
    This level is just a series of Rattata attacking, simply place your pokemon using Tackle or Scratch anywhere and you'll be fine.
    You'll notice that as your pokemon knocks out others, it gains experience and you gain money. The money is needed to level up your pokemon as well as buy items such as Evolution Stones. You'll also learn to use the pokeball in the lower right of your screen. Whenever a wild pokemon has a red health bar, you can use the pokeball to catch it.
    After getting through the Rattata, a whole mass of them show up, but Gary comes along and saves the day with his trusty Blastoise.

    Wild Pokemon:

    Lvl 2, Route 1:
    On Route 1, Team Rocket has struck again hypnotizing Joey (ohhh noooo!!!!) to send out wild pokemon, and then his very own, super mediocre, incredibly decent Pidgey!
    Again, this level is quite simple, just place your pokemon wherever, although it's easier to place them near the beginning, and use damaging attacks. If a pokemon does happen to get by your pokemon, you can always just move them back to knock out the opponent later on the level.
    You'll notice that Joey's Pidgey has a blue health bar, and thus cannot be caught. There will be more pokemon with blue health bars to come.

    Here it might be to your advantage to catch a Pidgey here, and possibly a

    Wild Pokemon:
    Joey's Pidgey, final wave

    Lvl 3, Route 2
    As you enter Viridian City with your new pal Joey, you learn Gary is the gym leader there, but you won't fight him until much later. You also learn that the city has been evacuated, quite ominous! You and Joey head over to Route 2 where Joey catches a Rattata, then you fight along said Joey against some wild pokemon.

    Wild Pokemon:
    Weedle/Catterpie (Depends on verion red or blue)
    Rattata, final wave

    Lvl 4, Viridian Forest 1
    Joey is challenged to a battle, but upon seeing a Beedrill, the Bug Catcher runs away. Joey is then carried away by the Beedrill and you must rescue him.
    This level is a bit tougher (if you didn't choose Charmander). Each wave alternates sides, but at the end, pokemon come from both sides. It becomes easier as your pokemon become stronger, especially once you get a Pidgey or two with gust.
    Strategy wise, for this level I would suggest getting two pokemon with string shot and placing them at the front of each side to slow everything down and then switching your attacking pokemon back and forth between sides, or at least a couple of attacking pokemon.
    I suggest catching a Catterpie or Metapod and raising a Butterfree with it, especially if you chose Charmander as your starter, as he is not very effective against the next gym which has rock type.
    I also suggest catching Pikachu because it's the only electric pokemon you'll see for a while, although Pikachu are harder to catch due to their rarity.

    Wild Pokemon:
    Weedle, Kakuna
    Catterpie, Metapod
    3 Pikachus, final wave

    Lvl 5, Pewter Gym
    You quickly discover that Brock is the one behind the plot to steal the candy (I thought Brock was a chill bro who just wanted to get with the Nurse and the Police Officer?!), but for an unknown reason. Mewtwo then helps a brotha out by teleporting you to the gym to rescue Joey from the Team Rocket people who kidnapped him after finding him in a cocoon in the forest. Joey’s such a goofball!
    This level is tough. There are 9 consecutive waves of 1 Sandshrew and 2 Geodudes before Brock's pair of Onyx's clears the field with rock throw. When it warns you, pull everything off the board, or it will get KO'd. Quickly put your pokemon back though, because Onyxs are off to the races.

    Strategically, I placed two pokemon on either side of the front, Pikachu using thunder wave (which works against ground pokemon) and Beedrill using string shot. Behind them, directly in the middle, I placed Squirtle (if you chose Bulbasaur, use that). Next to Squirtle, on either side I had a Rattata and a Butterfree using Quick Attack and Confusion respectively. I picked the side with Rattata and put my Pidgey using Sand Attack directly next to the pokeballs I was defending.
    Placement of your attackers is your choice, but I would suggest using pokemon to slow the waves down at the front. Also, I would place the most effective attacker in the middle (either Butterfree or Squirtle or Bulbasaur).

    Wild Pokemon:
    18 Geodudes
    9 Sandshrews
    2 Onyx

    Lvl 6, Route 3
    The intro is very revealing about Brock’s relationship with these Team Rocket members, who are distraught at him having lost.
    Route 3 is simply a place for training and catching new pokemon, no strategy, just mess around, test out attacks, catch new pokemon, etc.

    Wild Pokemon:
    Nidoran (Male and Female)

    Lvl 7, Viridian Forest 2
    This is the same situation as Route 3, just a training/catching ground. Pokemon switch off coming at each side in big waves. There are 30 waves, and it’s a great place to train for Misty’s gym in the future, as well as level pokemon up.

    Wild Pokemon:
    Metapod, Butterfree
    Kakuna, Beedrill

    Lvl 8, Mount Moon 1
    Here, you have to help Brock enter Mount Moon because the wild pokemon are fighting his Geodude when all he wants is to see his family.
    This level is again two sided. The weird spot on the rock is for rock pokemon only. Here, each wave is preceded by an uncatchable Geodude on the other side. The easiest way to handle them is to switch something that can take down a Geodude from side to side each time. The left side is constantly hit with Zubat and Geodude while the right side is hit with Rattata and Spearow. I would suggest switching a Pikachu back and forth between the sides for each wave, while doing the opposite with a Butterfree to take down the uncatchable Geodude and the flying pokemon. I would also suggest catching a Geodude.

    Many Geodude, each wave, 2 at the end

    Lvl 9, Mount Moon 2
    Apparently, Ash has the connects, cause he was messing around with the legendary bird trio when Gary catches up with him. Also, it turns out Brock is an *** Hole, who tricked you into coming so he could fight you with Jessie and James, who are apparently still his buddies!!!
    This is my favorite level personally. Each few waves, you see an uncatchable Parasect, Golbat, Clefable, Graveler, or Onyx, otherwise you just see pesky Zubat and Geodude and an occasional Growlithe (catch it!). Since there are so many levels, it’s fairly easy to defend. I would suggest placing a pokemon with the ability to paralyze and another that can poison at the front once the front is broken through, two powerful attackers in the next section (including a water or grass type and your Pikachu to account for both Geodudes and Zubats), then a pokemon with whirlwind and sand attack in the next section, to give your powerful attackers more chances to hit the pokemon that break all the way into the last section.
    Once your pokemon get strong enough, this is a fantastic place to level up and train pokemon, especially Magikarp and other low level pokemon.

    Oddish (if you started with Charmander and don’t have a grass/water type, catch it!)
    Growlithe (catch it!)

    Lvl 10, Cerulean Gym
    Joey meets some dude named Maruto who has an awesome Ninetales, then gets crushed by Misty (both of them do). Now, Joey and Maruto are rivals.
    This is the toughest level so far. It took me a while to figure out and beat. The waves switch sides with the first being on the left and the second being on the right. This pattern continues throughout the 20 waves. Each wave is led by a water type (at first Horsea on the left, Shellder on the right, then Goldeen on both sides, then Staryu on the left, Starmie on the right) and then followed by an assortment of wild pokemon including Weedle, Pidgey, and Oddish. The variance in type is what causes difficulty.
    I placed my Ivysaur in the middle switching between Razor Leaf and Takedown, while I switched my Pikachu (using ThunderWave until all the pokemon were paralyzed, then using Electro Ball) and my Graveler (using Rollout) back and forth between sides. I ignored the Starmie, because you can let all the Starmie through and still win. A fire type could probably be used in place of Graveler, and something other than Ivysaur could definitely be used in the middle.

    Wild Pokemon:
    Weedle, Kakuna
    Catterpie, Metapod
    Horsea, in beginning on left side, starts a wave
    Shellder, in beginning on right side, starts a wave
    Goldeen, in middle on both sides, starts a wave
    Staryu, near end on left side, starts a wave
    Starmie, near end on right side, starts a wave
    Giant Staryu, 2nd to last wave, by itself, left side
    Giant Starmie, last wave, by itself, right side

    Lvl 11, Cerulean Gym 2
    MAD PLOT DEVELOPMENT!!! (spoiler alert) Ash shows up (He married Misty??? What the shrek?!?) and so does evil Mewtwo!!! Ash runs off after evil Mewtwo, leaving you to fight Kyogre.
    This level is significantly easier than the level prior. All you do is fight Kyogre. I simply placed an electric and grass type pokemon down and continually paralyzed Kyogre whenever it became healthy by switching between Thunderbolt and Thunder Wave with my Pikachu. Easy peasy. Now you have 2 badges!!!

    Next level, COMING SOON.

    Thank the author of this Walkthrough:



        on Oct 22, 2011 at 3:38 pm | report
      do you know which pokemon has flash attck? if you do can you tell me in my profile page.


        on Jul 5, 2011 at 3:59 pm | report
      i dont get how to do cerulean gym 2, im using pikachu level 29 and an oddish level 19 lol (because i dont have any other grass type pokemon) i use thunder wave but kyogre still regenerates

      this is a great walkthrough though!! =D



        on Jun 3, 2011 at 10:38 pm | report
      Yeah, sure.


        on Jun 3, 2011 at 8:06 pm | report
      lol true:P no prob :P

      hey dude may u make an new 1 if the next update is done?


        on Jun 3, 2011 at 5:32 pm | report

      I forgot to mention that Abra can be caught at Cerulean Gym 1.

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