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    Created by jvitor

      June 2, 2011, 4:43 pm
    1-click on the cover of the garbage can, get the needle in the can and open the locks of the house
    2-open the door and grab the saw and cut the tree, click on the alien
    3-click in the woods below the screen, get a hedgehog and put the can of dog
    4-open the mailbox, grab the milk and put the can of dog and click on the alien, then click it again
    Get the 5-iron bar in the building and open the trunk of the car, grab the rope and place on the alien, click the trash can, take the stone and break the glass will direct the screen, get the broken glass and cut the string and click on the alien
    6-click in the box above the trash can to drop it, click on the cover of a trash can and click on the bar of iron, making the garbage and go get a pizza, open the pizza box and place the pizza on the alien
    7-click on the machine next to the pole and grab the coin, put the coin in the soda machine in the four yellow buttons click, click the soda machine for a soda can fall, pick up the can and place on the alien, then take the straw and put the garbage on the alien
    8-bit to take the umbrella in the trash, get a tree branch, click the box, click on the hat and grab your shoelaces, get trained and put in that box of clothes, take clothes and views on the alien
    9-open the trash bin, get what is inside the trash bin, click on it and grab the pencil will fall, take the leaf in the tree and click the alien and get the sheet after he had written, click on the brochure
    10-open the case and take the hose, click on both ends of the hose and click to open the tap and get the antenna and then click the Shopping Cart
    11-open the door of the phone, click on the phone, drop the litter box, take the tablet and place it over the litter box, take the stone and put on the board and click on the board and then take the scissors and cut the ground the phone, pick up the phone and put in the cart, then click the Shopping Cart
    12-open the case and take the tool, click on the screws with the tool, open the power box, connect the two points, plug sockets and tighten the lever to rotate the carousel and the box that are on the carousel and the press Shopping Cart
    Credits: jvitor o rei dos enigmas

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