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    Created by YngwieOfDoom

      June 26, 2011, 1:54 pm
    hey im Yngwie Of Doom and im here to make a walkthrough for little samurai!!

    1 chop the tree near the hole then klick the little samurai(always repeat after u did the clicks)

    2 click on the water flower. then on the fish then click boat

    3 remove the 2 sticks

    4 use the post thing to get key lose the car

    5 click on the door . let the vase fall then click bird. after click bird again

    6 click the black flag

    7click on th hole bucket to get water. use it for the fire. after use the pados

    8 click both rocks to jump over the river

    9 click lader. then the trident. after click the woodcutting axe

    10 click the stick with the birdterrorfyer (or something like that ) click it again. then click the ropes after click on the carrot

    11 click on the apple then click on the fish

    12 click on the stick.

    13 click the car to gemove the silk to show off the carrots drop the carrots click the metal round door after click the stone block

    14 click on the stick with the little fire then use the toilet thing to flush away the water

    15 open de orange alike round door after spin the wheel to pump in water

    16 click the underwater round blue door

    17 pul he litle lever to get the ladder down

    18 click the cages withthe keys to drop them use both keys to dave the dragon and open the door

    19 boss lose the round things i duno whats it in english.

    20 click on the fire crown thing

    21 the boss got beaten by the dragon and u win the game!

    thanks for reading my walkthrough. i wil make more . im sorry for the bad english.. school didnt want to teach me english because i was a kinda clowny there. so they kicked me. i learned all my known english by reading on internet

    the game is really awesome!!

    Thank the author of this Walkthrough:

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