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    Created by Jauq

      July 4, 2011, 11:57 am
    Here are the clues

    1) Hello Again- Use the Internet
    2) Playtastic- You found the Play button
    3) Crossroads- Discovered the Main Menu
    4) Mission Accepted- Start the game
    5) Tiles Loaded- Loaded the level
    6) Home Sweet Home- Found your home
    7) First Floor- Reach the first floor
    8) Second Floor- Reach the second floor
    9) Third Floor- Reach the third floor
    10) Fourth Floor- Get to the fourth floor
    11) Fifth Floor- Get to the fifth floor
    12) Cataclysm- Welcome to reality
    13) Storefront- Found the store
    14) Thrifty- Found the second shop room
    15) Windowshopper- Found the third shop room
    16) Shopper- Found the fourth shop room
    17) Big Spender- Found the fifth shop room
    18) Shopaholic- Found all the shop rooms
    19) Navigationer- Found all the areas
    20) Just Gave In- Bought the first level pack
    21) Add-on-tastic- Bought the second level pack
    22) Deluxe Edition- Bought the third level pack
    23) Gold Edition- Bought the fourth level pack
    24) Platinum Edition- Bought the fifth level pa
    25) Charge It!- Buy all the level packs
    26) Wallet Burn- Press a purchase button
    27) No Refunds- Jump on a purchased upgrade
    28) Panicked Shopper- Panic in the shop
    29) Home Emergency- Panic at home
    30) Panic Attack- Panic Ten Times
    31) Thirsty- Drink some water
    32) Save the Whales- Drink All the water
    33) Wheel And Deal- Jump on the hamster wheel
    34) Full Speed Ahead- Reach full speed on wheel
    35) Two Trick Pony- Run both ways on the treadmill
    36) One...- Go once over the wheel
    37) Two...- Go twice over the wheel
    38) Three...- Go three times over the wheel
    39) Four...- Go four times over the wheel
    40) Five!- Go five times over the wheel
    41) Dismount- Jump off the wheel
    42) Teleport!- Go through a teleporter
    43) Beam Me Up- Exit and enter every teleporter
    44) Free Fall Forever- Get in a downward vertical loop
    45) Falling Up- Create an infinite teleport loop upwards
    46) Corpse Loop- Get a corpse in an infinite loop
    47) Reenter- Enter the same teleporter twice
    48) You Might As Well- Jump up and down
    49) Bouncy- Jump ten times
    50) Flouncy- Jump fifty times
    51) Trouncy- Jump one-hundred times
    52) Pouncy- Jump two-hundred fifty times
    53) Full Jump- Do a big jump
    54) No Double Jumping- Try to double jump
    55) See Ya- Die.
    56) Subtle Movement- Move a tiny amount across the screen
    57) Panic Attack- Hit the panic button
    58) Midflight Deceased- Die while airborne
    59) MultiDeath- Die ten times
    60) MegaDeath- Die fifty times
    61) GigaDeath- Die one hundred times
    62) Impaler- Die on spikes
    63) Stalagmite- Die on upward spikes
    64) Stalacite- Die on downward spikes
    65) Staleftmite- Die on leftward spikes
    66) Straightcite- Die on rightward spikes
    67) I Love You Spike- Die ten times on the same spike
    68) Pink- Turn a spike pink
    69) First Floor Pink- Turn first floor spikes pink
    70) Second Floor Pink- Turn second floor spikes pink
    71) Third Floor Pink- Turn third floor spikes pink
    72) Fourth Floor Pink- Turn fourth floor spikes pink
    73) Fifth Floor Pink- Turn fifth floor spikes pink
    74) Pinky Swear- Turn half the spikes pink
    75) Pinky Promise- Turn all the spikes pink
    76) WASD- Prefer the WASD control
    77) Arrow Keys- Prefer the Arrow control
    78) Colour My Tile- Paint a block
    79) 100 Pretty Tiles- Colour one-hundred tiles in one room
    80) First Floor Painted- Paint one-hundred tiles on the first floor
    81) Second Floor Painted- Paint one-hundred tiles on the second floor
    82) Third Floor Painted- Paint one-hundred tiles on the third floor
    83) Fourth Floor Painted- Paint one-hundred tiles on the fourth floor
    84) Fifth Floor Painted- Paint one-hundred tiles on the Fifth floor
    85) Coloured 50- Paint fifty tiles
    86) Coloured 100- Paint one- hundred tiles
    87) Coloured 150- Paint one- hundred fifty tiles
    88) Coloured 250- Paint two- hundred fifty tiles
    89) Coloured 500- Paint five- hundred tiles
    90) Launcher- Touch A Launcher
    91) Launcher Cleaner- Clean all the first floor launchers
    92) Launcher Scrubber- Clean all the second floor launchers
    93) Launcher Polisher- Clean all the third floor launchers
    94) Launcher Rinser- Clean all the fourth floor launchers
    95) Launcher Washer- Clean all the fifth floor launchers
    96) Launcher Powerwasher- Clean all launchers
    97) Look, a Penny- Find a coin
    98) Penny bags- Collect thirty coins
    99) Moneymaker- Collect sixty coins
    100) Pennywise- Collect ninety coins
    101) It Prints Money- Collect one- hundred twenty coins
    102) Scrooge- Collect one- hundred forty coins
    103) 1st Collection- Collect first floor coins
    104) 2nd Collection- Collect second floor coins
    105) 3rd Collection- Collect third floor coins
    106) 4th Collection- Collect fourth floor coins
    107) 5th Collection- Collect fifth floor coins
    108) Gotta Collect 'em All- Collect all the coins
    109) I'm Glad You're Here- Stick around for ten seconds
    110) Good Company- Stick around for thirty seconds
    111) BFFs- Stick around for sixty seconds
    112) West Side- Look West
    113) East Side- Look East
    114) Dizzy- Flip direction five times in a second
    115) Hover- Stay Airborne for six seconds
    116) Dead Crowd- Generate three corpses at once
    117) Corpsaholic- Generate five corpses at once
    118) Necrophilia- Generate ten corpses at once
    119) Spike Corpse Hoedown- Land three corpses together on the same spike
    120) Corpse Levitation- Suspend a corpse for two seconds
    121) Corpse Juggling- Suspend 5 different corpses
    122) Body Drop- Send a corpse to another floor
    123) Undead Touch- Touch a dead corpse
    124) Telecorpse- Teleport a corpse
    125) Teletired- Teleport 50 times
    126) Relapse- Panic while touching a checkpoint
    127) Respawnorama- Respawn at every checkpoint
    128) Clicky- Click click clickaroo
    129) Not Left Click- Check out the Right Click Menu
    130) BILLY MAYS- Enable Caps Lock
    131) Scrolly- Scroll the achievements list
    132) Extreme Scrolling- Scroll to the very bottom
    133) So Happy!- Make a happy face with keyboard letters
    134) Erasure- Push the backspace key
    135) Quality Time- Set the quality lower
    136) Waltzing Ma- Push the tilda key (~)
    137) Partial Colon- Push the semicolon
    138) Silence is Golden- Push the mute button
    139) Same combo as my luggage!- Push 1,2,3,4,5
    140) Paste in Notepad- Click the centre of the wheel
    141) Dash!- Run 20 metres in-game
    142) Look I'm Big!- I made music!
    143) Keyboard Hero- Hit every piano key
    144) Ode to Joy- Play Ode to Joy on the Piano (E E F G G F E D)
    145) Twinkle Twinkle- Play Twinkle Twinkle (Little Star) on the Piano (C C G G A A G)
    146) Row Row Row Your Boat- Play Row your Boat on the Piano (C C C D E E D E F G)
    147) Piano Slide Up- Hit every piano key from bottom to top
    148) Piano Slide Down- Hit every piano key from top to bottom
    149) Corpse Organ- Land a corpse on a piano key
    150) Chord- Play a note while your corpse plays another
    151) Harmony- Play a note while 2 corpses play another
    152) High and Low Cs- Jump from the last key to first
    153) Fort Alpha- Find Hidey Hole 1
    154) Fort Beta- Find Hidey Hole 2
    155) Fort Gamma- Find Hidey Hole 3
    156) Fort Delta- Find Hidey Hole 4
    157) Fort Zeta- Find Hidey Hole 5
    158) Fort Eta- Find Hidey Hole 6
    159) Fort Theta- Find Hidey Hole 7
    160) Fort Iota- Find Hidey Hole 8
    161) Fort Kappa- Find Hidey Hole 9
    162) Fort Lambda- Find Hidey Hole 10
    163) Fortable- Find a Hidey Hole
    164) Oooooooh *Push*- Push the orange button.
    165) No button!- Release the orange button.
    166) Pressing Issue- Push the orange button 20 times.
    167) And.... hold!- Hold the orange button down for 3 seconds
    168) Pretty Button!!!- Look at the button
    169) Quick to Strike- Hit the orange button twice in a second
    170) Inactivity- Don't do anything for ten seconds
    171) Survival- Don't die for 20 seconds
    172) Invulnerable- Don't die for 40 seconds
    173) One Wheel!- Stop one slot reel
    174) Two Wheel!- Stop two slot reels
    175) Three Wheel!- Stop all the reels
    176) Insert Coin- Start the reels
    177) RGB- Stop the reels on Elephant, Llama, Giraffe
    178) Elephant Jackpot!- Get all Elephants in the slot machine
    179) Emu Jackpot!- Get all Emus in the slot machine
    180) Llama Jackpot!- Each all Llamas in the slot machine
    181) Consolation Prize- Match 2 random symbols in the slot
    182) Not a Winner- Match no symbols in the slots
    183) Trip Giraffes- Match 3 giraffes on the slots
    184) Addicted Gambler- Lock the slots 30 times
    185) Left it Running- Leave the floor while the slot wheels are running
    186) Reely Restart- Restart a reel
    187) Reel it backwards- Hit the reels in the reverse order
    188) Three Times the Minute- System clock time is divisible by 3
    189) Rollout!- Roll the mouse off the screen
    190) Mouseing Around- Move the cursor 1 foot across the screen
    191) 10 Foot Mousetrek- Move the cursor 10 feet across the screen
    192) EleClick- Hey, that tickles!
    193) Won't Follow Directions- You just had to do it...
    194) Further Fall- Fall two floors
    195) Super Fall- Fall three floors
    196) Mega Fall- Fall four floors
    197) Colossal Fall- Fall all the way to the bottom from the top
    198) Further Ascend- Rise two floors
    199) Super Ascend- Rise three floors
    200) Mega Ascend- Rise four floors
    201) Colossal Ascend- Rise from the bottom to the top
    202) I Can't Live With This- Die outside
    203) Safer Inside- Go back inside from the Cataclysm
    204) Two Browser Windows- Open two browser windows of the same game
    205) Break Time!- Find the hot coffee feature
    206) Break Off!- Start playing again on the main screen
    207) Buzz- Move around in the coffee feature
    208) The Burn!- Jump in the hot coffee mug
    209) Warm...- Fall below the hot coffee stage
    210) Colder...- Fall further below the coffee stage
    211) Even Colder...- Fall even further below the coffee stage
    212) Cold Coffee!- Find the secret secret stage
    213) The Final Straw- Stand on top of the straw
    214) There's the pump!- Start the pump
    215) Begin the fill!- Fill the first floor height
    216) Keep Filling Captain!- Fill the second floor height
    217) The Pressure!- Fill the third floor height
    218) The Bends!- Fill the fourth floor height
    219) Full Glass!- Fill the entire building with water
    220) Draining- Drain the entire building from the fifth floor
    221) Hey, a Pastry!- Poop a Pastry
    222) Yum Yum!- Eat a Pastry
    223) Maximum Pastry!- Poop 10 pastries
    224) Pastry Chef- Poop 30 pastries
    225) Pastry Connoisseur- Consume 25 pastries
    226) Bloataphant- Eat 50 pastries
    227) Doggy Bag- Launch a pastry into a teleporter
    228) To Go Order- Use a launcher to launch a pastry
    229) Pastry for the Dead- Give a pastry to a corpse
    230) Soggy pastries- Make pastries underwater
    231) Drown- Die underwater
    232) Do a Barrel Roll!- Push Z or R twice!
    233) I Don't Get It- Access the walkthrough
    234) Stop and Hop- Jump without moving left or right
    235) Aww Poor Puppy- Look hopeless
    236) A Decade- Earn 10% of the achievements
    237) It's Roaring!- Earn 20% of the achievements
    238) Days Past September- Earn 30% of the achievements
    239) By Volume- Earn 40% of the achievements
    240) Fifty- Earn 50% of the achievements
    241) Every Time- Earn 60% of the achievements
    242) Hey, Youre Passing!- Earn 70% of the achievements
    243) B Average- Earn 80% of the achievements
    244) Final Run- Earn 90% of the achievements
    245) Almost There!- Earn 95% of the achievements
    246) I Can't Shake Him!- Earn 96% of the achievements
    247) Almost... there...- Earn 97% of the achievements
    248) Stay on Target!- Earn 98% of the achievements
    249) Pull Up!- Earn 99% of the achievements
    250) Absolute Completion- Earn every other achievement

    I hope you'll figure out how to beat Achievement Unlocked 2. :P

    Thank the author of this Walkthrough:

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