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    Created by jvitor

      July 6, 2011, 2:51 pm
    Stage 1:
    Click the stone and then the tail of the snake, then over the cactus, then grab the cactus that fell and put the snake and then take and put in the boy.

    Stage 2:
    Click and hold the garbage can until it comes out, then turn on the light pole and then the boy when the cab is going and click on the boy again.

    Stage 3:
    Click the brick in the wall to catch a break and then the glass and turn on the light, get the antenna and replace it with another.

    Stage 4:
    Click on the boat and then in garoto.pegue and put the worm on the hook, then click in the woods into the water, then click on the fish take the bait for him when he comes close then click the boy.

    Stage 5:
    You have to let the first stone go right up to the second stone and third down and then click the boy.

    Stage 6:
    Take the logs and place on fire, then click the magnifying glass to get the scholarship, then click and hold the cloud across the sun and then click the boy.

    Stage 7:
    Click the hive, then take it and put the boy in the head, then take the place of the skull and horns at the boy, then click on the grass and put the boy and then click on the branch of the tree and put the boy and then click the man will right.

    Stage 8:
    Click the trunk of the coconut tree to put it in front, then click on the boat when the shark and get close to you click on the coconut palm and then click the boy.

    Stage 9:
    Click and hold the plane door to open it, click on the goggles, helmet and parachute, then click on the screws and click on the wires and then click the boy.

    Stage 10:
    Click on the plant over the boy's head and when the other plant stand on the eyes of alien you click on the plant (do this in three eyes of the alien) and then click the boy.

    Final stage:
    First we learn to activate the cannon (first click on the barrel of gunpowder, then click the object next to the cannon balls and then the cannon ball and take the match to shoot the cannon) first aim the cannon on the rider on top of the castle and shoot and then aim and shoot with the apples and then aim the cannon and shoot the bell and then aim and shoot the priest.

                                                   You get ready
    Credits: jvitor o rei dos enigmas

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