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    Created by jvitor

      July 8, 2011, 12:17 pm
    Scene 1:
    1-Click bottle.
    2-Click washbowl.
    3-Click chemistry tube.
    4-Click foreign creature.

    Scene 2:
    1-Click banana.
    2-Click switch.
    3-Click lamp.
    4-Click gun.
    5-Click foreign creature.
    6-Click name tag "Prof. Douglas"

    Scene 3:
    1-Click cat.
    2-Click baseball.
    3-Click baseball bat.
    4-Click chainsaw.
    5-Click bird cage.
    6-Click foreign creature.

    Scene 4:
    1-Click scissors.
    2-Click drinking water.
    3-Click foreign creature.
    4-Click knife.
    5-Click flying knife.

    Scene 5:

    Scene 6:
    1-Click stone.
    2-Click flying stone.
    3-Click knife.
    4-Click woman.
    5-Click snake tail.
    6-Click garden lamp.
    7-Click pond.
    8-Click foreign creature's car.

    Scene 7:
    1-Click a man that wear a white shirt when he crossing second zebra cross.

    Scene 8:

    Scene 9:
    1-Click left cupboard rack or window or air conditioner.
    2-Click opened computer rack.
    3-Click middle key in the computer rack.
    4-Click iron case.
    5-Click left cupboard rack or window or air conditioner.
    6-Click bottle of chemistry fluid in iron case.
    7-Click cutter.
    8-Click empty mosquito sprayer.
    9-Click window.
    10-Click foreign creature.
    11-Click book.
    12-Click next symbol.
    13-Click X symbol.
    you get ready
    Credits: jvitor o rei dos enigmas

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