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    Created by akosibitoy

      July 24, 2010, 2:05 am
    This is a walkthrough of clear vision 2 enjoy!

    mission 1:spying at death
    shoot the girl that comes out in the car
    mission 2:wet office
    there are 3 lockers in the targets room its the dude who's working in the computer.
    mission 3:red concrete wall
    shoot the guy that is walking to the left
    mission 4:barking darkness
    shoot the dog with lots of poop/shit/turd near it
    mission 5:hat off
    shoot the dude thats reading the bulletin board
    mission 6:diggin with death
    shoot the guy that is pissing thyen the guy near the car then immediatelly shoot the guy that emerges from the wall
    mission 7:operation blue storm
    first shoot the guy with an army hat in the right next immediately shoot the left or else he will shoot you
    mission 8:mechanical sheep
    click the vent
    click the light door thingy
    click the blueprints in the table
    click the blueprints again
    click the signboard saying

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