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    Created by Disconinja45

      July 24, 2010, 5:37 pm
    exuse my spelling

    level 1: click on the brown box
    level 2: click on the bone then click on the brown box
    level 3: place curser on the third to last rock then click on the brown box
    level 4: colect the things on the right pothole then click on the pothole, a mouse will come out. click on the right string then the left string
    level 5: point the arrow left then move the top switch. Click on one of the dots then click on the spark that comes by. then click on the bottom switch then on the bottle
    level 6: click on the pipe then click on all the black smoke that goes up. then click on the front bumper
    level 7:click on the largest stars then on the second to last penguen. click on the hole then click on the iglo. click on the hole twice and the brown box will come out, click on it
    level 8: dile 189432 on the telephone click on the plane when it goes by
    level 9: sorry cant help you there (sorry)

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